#ncga: Indicted Steinburg aide ALSO working on Steinburg Invitational?

Judging from this email, it would appear to be so.

Most politicians who have aides under indictment send them off to go spend more time with their families.  Not Bob Steinburg.

Steinburg has Diana London, currently under indictment for one felony count of embezzlement, (1) on the state payroll as his legislative assistant, (2) on his state senate campaign payroll, and (3) working on the Asheville basketball tournament he talked Currituck County into shelling out $50K for. 

She’s also facing an ethics complaint for allegedly double-dipping — mixing legislative work and campaign work.

That’s a lot of different jobs for one person.  And a lot of opportunities to co-mingle tasks and funds.  You folks in Currituck County should rest easy that you’ve hired, with your tax dollars, a company that employs someone currently under indictment for mishandling someone else’s money. 

10 thoughts on “#ncga: Indicted Steinburg aide ALSO working on Steinburg Invitational?

      1. I sold my house Ron, and it was too late for me to withdraw from the primary, but you and Lying Anne still have your house listed for over a year now, and you’re stuck there and you’re overpriced and underwater. You’ll never be able to move to Denver. Now, tell me who won again?

      1. Well, if it isn’t Phyllis Barnes, Queen of the Dare County RINO’s! Actually Phyllis, I won! I sold my house and got the hell out of OBX and now I live in sunny Florida! Much nicer beaches, no endless flooding or over flowing septic tanks! And we have no state taxes, and no Bob “The Taxman” Woodard to raise our local taxes. “Little Orphan Underwater & Overpriced Annie” is the one who lost – her house is still on the market & overpriced because she paid way too much for it back in the day. However, if she does sell it have know doubt that she’ll head for Denver fast and leave the RINO Dare GOP holding the bag!

  1. Is no one going to ask legal about which votes Bob will have to recuse himself from? He represents our county. Does this also mean he can’t introduce a bill in which our county could benefit?

  2. I no longer call him Steinburg but on Facebook I now call him BlockBurg cause when you share haymaker links to his posts he blocks you

    Try it share this article with him and see if the same happens to you

  3. To add insult to injury, both Bob Steinburg and Bobby Hanig skipped out on the only candidates forum being held in Currituck County this yeast, on September 28th. So much for the party of fiscal responsibility, the current Republican Party is wrought with corruption and scandals.

  4. Steinburg is also a big cheerleader for the con men of Big Wind and Big Solar, and has been endorsed by the radical left Environmental Defense Fund. The way this issue has been playing lately in foreign elections should make Steiny a bit nervous. Australia’s prime minister, moderate Malcolm Turnbull, was just ousted over this issue, and their new conservative prime minister has appointed an outspoken opponent of wind and solar power, Angus Taylor as the new Energy Minister.

    Even closer to home, wind and solar power were a big issue in the recent election in the Canadian province of Ontario, and the supporters of wind and solar, the Liberals were trounced in a major Conservative landslide that was the biggest defeat of a sitting government in Canadian history.. The new Conservative government has already cancelled hundreds of wind and solar projects and introduced legislation to repeal the Green Energy Act.


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