SYRIANS: Coming soon to a city near YOU

MrJihadWe heard already about the federal government’s secretive efforts to relocate “unaccompanied minors” from south of the border into North Carolina and other states.  Now, a court case in Massachusetts is shedding light on something similar with Syrian refugees: 

The secrecy of the federal refugee-resettlement program has once again been highlighted by a local official who has seen the dark side of the program play out in living color.

In Lowell, Massachusetts, a 13-year-old girl was twice groped at a public pool last week by a 22-year-old man freshly imported into the community from Syria as a “refugee.”

The city manager of Lowell told his local newspaper Tuesday that he was not even notified by the U.S. State Department or its resettlement contractor that Syrians were being delivered to his community.

Emad Hasso, 22, of Syria pleaded not guilty Friday to inappropriately touching the girl at the state-run Raymond Lord Memorial Pool in Lowell, according to the Lowell Sun.

This marks the second high-profile sexual assault on an American girl in the past month by a refugee. On June 2, a 5-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho, was reportedly raped by an Iraqi refugee boy while an older refugee from Sudan filmed and coached him during the (7)

Hasso is one of 18 Syrians, all of them most likely Sunni Muslims, who have been secretly planted in the Lowell community since May, according to the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center online database.

City Manager Kevin Murphy said he’d like to receive regular numbers from the federal contractor that resettles refugees in the city. The International Institute subcontracts with the main federal contractor, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, or USCRI, to deliver refugees to Lowell.

The city does not know when or from where refugees come to Lowell, Murphy said, and is only made aware of them when a refugee gets arrested or otherwise singled out for bad behavior.[…]

This is how they treat a state that supported Obama TWICE?  Imagine what they’d do to us or South Carolina.  MORE: 

Cities receiving Syrian refugees over the past nine months include the following:


  • High Point, Raleigh-Durham, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Charlotte, North Carolina […]download (6)
  • Columbia, South Carolina[…]

*Sigh.*  Look at what has happened in Idaho and Massachusetts.  Look at the chaos in Europe.  *What could possibly go wrong with this?*

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  1. And if you like this, be sure to vote for Hitlary. She wants to increase the Syrian predators coming to the US to 1,000,000 in her first term alone.

    If these whackos are being re-settled the police obviously need to be informed so that they can keep an eye on them. Importing barbarians who are not used to laws into our society with no supervision is not the way to go.

  2. Look what is happening in Europe, where sexual assaults up to gang rape have exploded everywhere these Muslim migrants have gone:

    Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe after they took in lots of Muslim migrants or so-called refugees. In Turkey and Lebanon, counterfeit Syrian passports are widely availible so there is no telling where a Muslim with Syrian documents is really from. Syrian passports are seen as the way to get away with being classified as a refugee.

    It is not just women, as children, both male and female are often victims. In one incident in Austria, a Muslim migrant raped a ten year old boy at a public swimming pool, giving him serious internal injuries, and then casually went back to diving like nothing had happened. When the police arrested him, he tried to excuse his actions by saying he had a ”sexual emergency” because he had not had sex in four months.

    The Prime Minister of Hungary has called a public referendum to let the people vote in a referendum to reject the EU demands that they take in these Muslim migrants, which will be held Oct. 2. Perhaps it is time for North Carolina to do the same. Tennessee has withdrawn from the federal compact to resettle refugees, and their legislature has voted to sue the federal government for continuing to send them.

  3. Mainstream churches — especially the Catholic, Lutheran, Unitarian and Mormon churches — are knee-deep in this resettlement effort. Big $$$ are at stake here — from the government and YOU with your tithing $$. Before you tithe again, be sure to follow the $$ trail (hint: if there is the word “justice” in the title of the outreach program there is probably a problem). Until YOU stop backhandedly funding this suicide mission under some perverted “Christian” definition of social justice, nothing will change. The quicker you realize these churches do not have YOUR interests in mind, the better. YOU have the power to starve this beast.

    PS. I find it very interesting that Mormons Romney, Mike Lee and Glenn Beck are pathologically opposed to Trump. If he wins, the gravy train to their church dries up. Just saying.

    1. Your PS is misleading and unfair. I can’t speak for them, but I doubt that Mike Lee supports or promotes immigration that is not in line with the Constitution. I’m so glad you know exactly what Trump will do on any given day. He has no record to support that supposition, however. Mike Lee has a record in the Senate that is stellar. All you have to go on is what Trump says. How many liars are there in politics?

      1. Take a look at Lee’s recent behavior including his unhinged rant about Trump, praise of Hillary and his mystifying support of prison reform which will unleash more criminals into the general population. SOMETHING is up with him —

        1. Go to NumbersUSA for a full report on what is going on with this prison bill and illegals — and I repeat SOMETHING is seriously going on with Mike Lee.

        2. It was not ”unhinged” of Lee. Lee simply explained that Trump’s unhinged attacks on Ted Cruz made it difficult for him to get too excited about Trump. I find many conservatives in that situation, although most will hold their noses to vote for Trump, hoping that he will stick to his guns on the conservative positions he has taken on some issues and not revert back to his earlier liberal positions. I am one of those who will likely hold my nose for Trump, but without too much excitement because I do not fully trust him.

    2. The Catholics, Mormons, and I beleive the Unitarians are each one church organization. The Lutherans are not.

      The largest Lutheran church organization in the US is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and they are very ”social gospel” and are the part of the Lutheran church that you refer to. The most conservative branch is the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, which is active in North Carolina. The Missouri Synod denounced other Lutherans as being too social gospel, although that term was not used yet, when they split away in the mid 19th century. The German language was required in Missouri Synod services until the early 20th century when it became optional, but is now quite rare. While many ”mainline” churches endorsed the Equal Rights Amendment, the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod was one of the handful of denominations that stood firm in its opposition to the ERA. The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, like the Southern Baptists, is a Bible believing church, not a social gospel church.

      Conservatives who are of Lutheran heritage should switch their affiliation to the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.

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