Struggling to keep the lights on



Are you getting daily emails — that look a lot like Chinese-generated spam — begging for $4 to $10 donations to help “our candidate” in the “upcoming special election”?


We are.  And here’s an example:



The alias on each email is different.  But the address behind the alias each time also happens to be the primary source for external (outside Hillsborough Street) messaging for lil’ foul-mouthed Jeffrey.


The daily emails suggest that your $4 to $10 will go right to the effort to save the Ninth Congressional District from the liberal hordes.  Your $4 to $10 is supposed to compete with all those four figure donations to Ginger McCready from labor unions, environmental wackos and radical gay groups.



Never mind that filing for the GOP field just ended.  Never mind that no one knows WHO will be the party standard-bearer.


If you believe this is really about helping out the eventual party standard-bearer in The Ninth, I’ve got some oceanfront  property in Randolph County to sell you.


The crew — led by Dallas and his grandpa Robin — who forced their way into power via coup proclaiming expertise in fundraising and PR and campaign strategy have reduced the NCGOP to shambles.   The party — in the words of Kanye — is BROKE, BROKE in more ways than one.



Folks I know who have knowledge of the internal numbers tell me there is serious concern about keeping the lights on at NCGOP HQ.  (With a party treasurer who has been reprimanded and fined repeatedly by state regulators, it shouldn’t be a surprise.)


Keep in mind too that there was a nearly $2 million donation from the subject of an FBI probe that MAY have to be forfeited to the feds, as well.


Your $4 to $10 will more than likely go toward keeping Dallas from having to sit in a dark office all day than toward financing a GOP effort to hold The Ninth.


If you’re honestly interested in helping to hold The Ninth District, we recommend you pick a candidate and donate directly to them.  


Responding to these daily emails with cash donations only helps to continue the trend of electoral losses,embarrassing scandals, and bright-red financials.

7 thoughts on “Struggling to keep the lights on

  1. maybe Chris #ChairmanBribery Turner from Mecklenburg can offer Woodhouse some of that free office space in Charlotte #Unethical

    1. That free Office Space was the worst venue I have ever been to for a Political Event. (The 2019 MeckGOP Convention) You could not walk anywhere without saying excuse me 27 times, and people were using precious little space in the middle of the room to have conversations, creating congestion. Parking was terrible too!!! I would have voted for John Powell if I could (I live in another county) just because of the terrible convention venue.

      1. They clearly need instruction on how to put out chair for a event and the amount of space the average person needs and good thing the Fire Marshall did not have to sign off on their floor plan like would happen at a convention hall cause they would have failed but more important is the corruption that very few people seem to care about

        Granted the turnout was about double what I thought it would be. So I will be the first to say more people did turn out than in the last at least 5 or 6 meck county conventions to show support either for or against Chris #ChairmanBribery Turner

  2. Won’t it help more in holding the ninth to give money directly to the candidate who wins the primary?

  3. Maybe we shouldn’t have sent all that money to other states to buy national favor. Mrs. Nix is campaigning on how great a job she did as Vice Chair, yet we left Barbara Jackson out to dry.

    1. Bloody good point and we should wave that fact like a bullet-riddled flag at the State convention where the current thugs-in-charge are concerned. A thought just occurred to me….I got an email from the Federation of Republican Women the other day and it occurred to me that while GOP women aren’t in the business of identity politics (and nobly so), this is one time when they should react like Democrat women to the Lexo and Jackson situations and scorch the earth until nothing remained of Berger, McInnis, Lewis, and Woodhouse except cinders.

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