WHO is the REAL saboteur here?


The cartoon character at NCGOP, who sits brooding in the dark between  CNN and MSNBC appearances, turned his fire and fury on ME and  this site early this morning.  Mr.  Woodhouse (the one registered Republican) apparently wasn’t amused by our most recent previous post:


Political parties raise money!!!
Film at 11.

Yes we raise funds to assist whomever our
Candidates select.

We are always raising money.
The parties lights are fine. We have no debt.

Of course we have low reserves at this time. Always do at this time. WE JUST FINISHED AN ELECTION!

We spend everything (this past year a record amount for us on blue moon cycle field operations.

I realize you hate myself, Robin and various other. folks connected to us. As is your right.

But our candidates need a state party. For good or bad we still serve key purposes and provide key services including GOTV.

This post moved beyond needed debate, oversite and pointed criticism.

Telling folks not to donate to the party, which serves  our candidates ( for good or bad)
Is attempted sabotage.

Thankfully it will have no effect on NCGOP

First, let’s address his misrepresentation of my actual words.  Here’s what I said about donating:

[…] If you’re honestly interested in helping to hold The Ninth District, we recommend you pick a candidate and donate directly to them.  […]



My suggestion cuts the consultants and party cronies out as middlemen.  Nobody gets their cut / commission.  ALL THE CASH goes directly to the people who need it, if you follow my advice.  How in the hell could that be sanely construed as “sabotage”?



I’ve actually got a few thoughts about WHAT exactly could be construed as “sabotage”:


  • The North Carolina Democrat Party goes to the mat for their candidates.  Study what they do and you’ll find they support their candidates to the hilt from start to finish — incumbents and newbies.  On the NCGOP side, you are pretty much on  your own.  (Ask former Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson about that.  According to Jackson, Dallas and his grandpa kicked her to the curb during her reelection bid BEFORE the first early vote got cast.)


  • Hasan. Hasan.  Hasan.  Hasan Harnett may have been in over his head as the state party chairman.  But he WAS the duly elected chairman.  As the executive director, it was Dallas’s job to support the man in his work as chairman.  Instead, Dallas teamed up with the Cotten gals to publicly smear and embarrass Mr. Harnett left, right, up, down and sideways.  Dallas oversaw the locking out of Mr. Harnett from the office AND the computer system.Dallas even went to the media with wild claims of Harnett being a ‘security risk.’  (Never mind that Dallas’s brother Brad  — who Dallas did a reality show with and makes all kinds of media appearances with — is one of the most notorious and ruthless Democrat political operatives in the nation.  And Dallas is NOT a security risk?)  It would be quite easy to argue that publicly undermining the duly elected party chairman, while serving as a paid employee of the party, is an example of sabotage.


  • A big mouth and public acts of  (intentional?) clownery.  Dallas is regularly burning up the phone lines bad-mouthing certain GOP candidates in primaries.  I KNOW that he was recently disseminating false information about a candidate in the Third Congressional District GOP primary – who also happens to be an elected official.And let’s not forget all of the driveby media appearances featuring our boy Dallas squealing and waving his arms in a quasi-epileptic-seizure manner.  Or waving around handcuffs on-air.  Or getting caught failing to keep his spin / story straight.How many people can actually name another party executive director — much less recall another one who got so much TV time?It’s rare when one of his TV appearances doesn’t evoke a face-palm moment for Republicans from Murphy to Manteo.  As a former TV reporter,  Dallas really ought to know how to behave in front of a TV camera.


  •  The Mark Harris affair.   Dallas and his grandpa sat near silent as Dan McCready and the DC Democrats savaged Mark Harris in the wake of the November election in the Ninth Congressional District.   There was clear evidence that the Democrats were up to shenanigans in Robeson and other counties that were ten times worse than ANYTHING McCrae Dowless is accused of.  Enough to suggest that the only reason the race was so close was because of Democrat monkey business of questionable legality.But Dallas and Robin and their team weren’t interested in pointing that out or defending their nominee.  Early on, Dallas was actually taking to the TV airwaves and jumping on the bandwagon to condemn Mr. Harris and Mr. Dowless and demand a do-over. It was only after our site started raising hell, and party donors started raising cain, that Dallas and Robin started going through the motions of looking like they were fighting.  But by then, it was too little too late.


I don’t have a problem with raising money.  I DO have a problem with misrepresenting your intentions for that money.  Dallas, I’d love to see you put your hand on a Bible, while hooked up to a polygraph, and swear that all of those $4 contributions will go toward one hell of a media blitz aimed at eviscerating Dan McCready and securing the Ninth in Republican hands. (But I doubt even you would do that.)


We’re a much more low-budget operation than you are, Dallas.  And yet this site has done more in the past couple of weeks to tell the truth on Dan McCready than you have in over a year.


Your filings with the FEC, Dallas, do show evidence of fundraising.  A lot of commissions paid to professional fundraising consultants.  Dallas, you and your grandpa justified the coup against Hasan and your “win” over Jim Womack two years ago by suggesting that you were superior fundraisers.  If you’re so good, why the need for all of these professional consultants?

(And while we’re at it, what’s up with your frantic calls to Jones Street leadership begging that they transfer more of their shakedown proceeds over to NCGOP accounts?  Oh, and why are you still holding on to the party treasurer who has clearly demonstrated he’s not capable of handling the job?)


I don’t hate YOU, Dallas.  I hate what you and your friends have done to the party that Jesse Helms and Ronald Reagan sold me on so beautifully so many years ago.  Most people, who have failed as spectacularly as you have, Dallas, have the decency to resign and quickly drop off radar.  But NO, you and Grandpa want two more years to oversee the  final stages in the eradication of all the gains the party made in 2010.


Dallas, you and your pals in Raleigh still haven’t gotten  the point.  The NCGOP languished away as an afterthought for so many decades because its “leaders” wanted to keep it a back-scratching clique instead of nurturing it as a vehicle for  conservative ideals that have led to so many victories for the party nationwide.  A desire for  conservative reform restored the party to power in 2010.  You and your pals, Dallas, with your selfish, self-centered agendas, are setting the party up to return to the days when it could all fit in a couple of phone booths in Charlotte and Greensboro.