Some thoughts for early voters

It’s about that time.  Some folks are already asking for my suggestions on the races.  There are several I am honestly indifferent about right now.  But there are svoteearlyome that are slam-dunks for me right now:

  • President:   TRUMP.  DONALD J. TRUMP.  You’re going to get HIM, or HER.   And we can’t have HER
  • Attorney General:  Buck Newton.  Buck and I both cut our teeth in politics with Senator Jesse Helms.  In the state Senate, he’s been a solid, dependable fighter for HB2 and other conservative legislation.   He will not sit back and let the radical left tear our state apart, like certain current incumbent attorney generals have.  Buck will be out there swinging FOR us.  The alternative is Josh Stein — who was a right hand to both John Edwards AND Roy Cooper.  His voting record in the General Assembly was Marxist.  In office, he’ll be a smarter version of Edwards.  Stein is ljohnedwardsoaded up on cash from the trial lawyers and his filthy rich daddy.  Buck Newton will need every ounce of help you, your family and friends can give him.  This office, while not getting a lot of publicity, can have a lot of impact on the future of our state.  This one is important.  BACK BUCK. 
  • Treasurer:  Dan Blue is a placeholder looking (1) to help Hillary turn out the black vote, and (2) use a win as a stepping stone to follow his dad to bigger things.  Dale Folwell has pulled himself up by his bootstraps to become a business and political success story.  He’s widely viewed as one of the sharpest financial minds in Raleigh — from his time in the legislature to his time heading the Employment Security Commission.  downloadFolwell has been credited with spearheading the clean-up of that jacked-up agency and wiping out a multi-billion dollar debt to the federal government.  Dale Folwell is the most qualified candidate to seek this office in over a generation.  GIVE DALE FOLWELL YOUR VOTE. 
  • Insurance:  Talk about the stink of corruption.  The incumbent has made it clear he answers to out-of-state special interests FIRcauseyST.  A sweetheart protectionist system limits our insurance choices in North Carolina.  While ObamaCare is causing the insurance industry to crash and burn across the state, Wayne Goodwin is too busy scooping up cash and doing favors to look after us.   Mike Causey has been a perennial candidate.  He’s run low-energy, uninspiring campaigns.  But, after talking to the guy, I learned he has some great ideas to shake up the Department of Insurance.  Something smells at DOI.  Voting for Mike Causey will be the first step to fumigating the place. 

This is all I have for you NOW.