Solar Goons buy, own GOPe while beating up conservatives like Dan Bishop


The Environmental Defense Fund has been really busy in North Carolina elections.  They funded and supported senator Bob Steinburg (R).  



The EDF & friends have weaved quite a tangled web throughout North Carolina government and politics.  Take solar and wind apologist John Szoka (R-Cumberland) for instance.  He employs a guy named Marshall Conrad.  He is married to Brittany Conrad, who is employed by Kairos Government Affairs — spearheaded by Scott Laster and Betsy McCorkle and clearly the leading lobbyists for the solar goons.   (Szoka is chairman of the House Energy and Public Utilities Committee, which would handle all the solar stuff.  Awful convenient, eh?)


The Environmental Defense Fund — an ally of Kairos in the solar scam — boasted of funneling $39K to Szoka in the 2018 election.


It gets better.


Jackson Stancil is a lobbyist for the North Carolina Clean Energy Business Alliance — one of the more prominent mouthpieces for the solar goons.  KJ Stancil,  Jackson’s son, has served the last two years as state Rep, Larry Strickland’s legislative assistant.  He’s recently been promoted to the position of “research assistant.”



Not coincidentally, I am sure, Strickland is running a pro-renewables study amendment (study to be conducted by Cooper-appointed NC Utilities Commission, not the NCGA) on SB 559 —not dissimilar to that presented in Gov. Roy  Cooper’s  Clean Energy Plan.



Meanwhile, the EDF has announced the commitment of $600,000 toward ripping Dan Bishop a new one in his battle with Dan McCready.  (And McCready has the nerve to bash Bishop for being bought and paid for by outsiders.)



It’s like  looking at a house eaten up with termites.  What can  you do?