So, now we’re going with “out-of-context”?



It appears that Madame Governor keeps her press office in a constant state of turmoil.  Back when we had all of those tornadoes, her damage-control team could not decide whether she was IN RALEIGH solving problems or enjoying A HORSE RACE IN KENTUCKY.   It was sort of  a bizarre, real-life version of  “Where’s Waldo?”.  ( Do other state’s have this much trouble keeping track of their governor?)

With the current RotaryGate controversy — instead of making an apology and moving on — the governor and her press office have been offering up the excuse of the day.  First, it was just “hyperbole.”  Then, it went to “joking.”  Then, they told us “sarcasm.”  Now, Madame Governor is giving us THIS:

“My point was one of sarcasm,” Perdue told reporters in Thomasville. “We really just need to encourage our leaders who are elected to work together and solve America’s problems.”

She added: “It was taken out of context from my perspective. But honest to goodness, who would think something like that would be said seriously. It’s ridiculous to have this kind of discussion about it.”

Okay.  Boss Bev’s friends at The N&O broke the story. Why don’t they counter THAT statement with a transcript and a tape of the WHOLE Rotary speech, and let us decide how “out of context” the remarks were?

She is basically attacking the credibility of The N&O. (Imagine someone doing THAT.)  They need to release a transcript and a tape to bolster their credibility.  The Daily Caller has already posted an audio recording identified as “captured by The Raleigh News & Observer.”  Why did the N&O suppress this recording?

(An interesting footnote to the linked N&O story:  Perdue spokesman Mark Johnson, who is quoted in the story, is a former politics and government reporter for The N&O and The Charlotte Observer.  He, in fact, covered Madame Governor for both papers until he was hired not too long ago to flack for her.)