Snowflakes, drive-by media celebrate GIRLS in the BOY SCOUTS

Another testosterone-laden American institution bites the dust, and the snowflakes and the drive-by media couldn’t be happier:

The historic moment passed with little fanfare. Troop 1, the region’s oldest Boy Scout troop, welcomed its first girl members with a short ceremony and light supper on Tuesday.

Chartered by the VFW Post 7318 in Southern Pines, the five young women represent the first female-only Scouts BSA troop in Moore County — part of the newly rebranded Boy Scouts of America flagship program for older youths.


Troop 1-G will function as an independent co-troop in essence, with its own adult scoutmaster and youth patrol leader, partnering with Troop 1 for meetings and activities, including a camping trip planned this weekend. Troop 1 is chartered by VFW Post 7318 and St. Anthony’s of Padua Catholic Church.


“I think this is great and it’s a long time overdue,” said Troop 1 Scoutmaster Dilles Walker. “As a nation, we are one of three countries where scouting is not a combined co-ed program. We are investing in our future by helping to develop these young ladies.” 


The new change has not been without controversy or confusion — and a trademark infringement lawsuit filed by the Girl Scouts over Boy Scouts use of the more generic term “scouts, — but there’s also been a fair bit of excitement too.


Wearing a crisp khaki uniform shirt, Elizabeth Davis, 16, is one of the first five girls to join the new troop in Southern Pines. A homeschooled high school sophomore, she enjoys playing piano, dancing and is a member of a local competitive shooting club.


“I like to be adventurous,” she said. “When I learned a few months ago that Scouts BSA would accept girls, I knew I wanted to do this.”[…]


Historically-black fraternities are A-OKAY.  Historically Black Colleges & Universities can be allowed to exist AND EVEN take in tax dollars.  Women’s colleges and all-girls schools are just fine.  But — an ALL-MALE institution like VMI or The Citadel?


Sue it into near-bankruptcy.  Then turn it into a petri dish for all kinds of touchy-feely social justice experimentation.


It’s just another example that “male” and all things “male” are BAD and must be “properly” restructured and / or re-educated.  Or simply extinguished.


The left lusts for blurring or even erasing the lines separating genders.  That’s what motivated the attacks on the very reasonable basis of HB2:  Men go into men’s rooms, and women got into women’s rooms.


Whether they get it away with — whether they fully accomplish their mission — is up to us and just how much we’re going to smile at and tolerate.

7 thoughts on “Snowflakes, drive-by media celebrate GIRLS in the BOY SCOUTS

  1. Bad age for hormone-mixture experiments.

    Bad news for developing BRAVE, clean and reverent.

    1. Are you saying that women can’t be Brave, Clean, and Reverent? And you must also be admitting that they can be Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, and Thrifty.

    2. How about the “morally straight” part of the Scout Law with all those hormones running? I bet those overnight camping trips will be something else.

      How sad it is that the Boy Scouts fell into the grasp of the socialist just-us worriers

  2. The left had there hand in this, but by and large, the BSA did this to itself. Against the desires of their component members.

  3. Well, the BSA is just trying to make the money grab just like they have done with the BLT crowd. Their membership has been hemorrhaging since the early 00’s and they need to do something…but they do not realize that these SJW stances only hasten the spiral #getwokegobroke. I for one am just waiting on the lawsuits and allegations that will come when mixing the girls, boys, gays and lesbians. We will eventually be hearing a lot about Scouts…BSA, and little of it will be good. I am so glad I took my son out when the intial cave to the BLT’s happened so that we are not associated with this stupidity.

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