Slobbering over Roy’s boy

It’s interesting how Democrat’s can beat the bejesus out of a Republican president’s nominee,  but GOP senators scrape and bow to give Democrat presidents everything they want — without a FIGHT.

Our two worthless senators, Burr and Tillis,  have politely ushered through all kinds of liberal judges and cabinet appointees for Democrat presidents. When it came to Michael Regan,  NC DEQ’s chief and current nominee for secretary of the Interior,  that pair swooned like teenage girls:

[…] Known as a consensus builder, Regan said that throughout his career, “I’ve learned that if you want to address complex challenges, you must first be able to see them from all sides and you must be willing to put yourself in other people’s shoes.”

That commitment to bipartisanship was evident Wednesday, as Regan was enthusiastically introduced by North Carolina’s two Republican senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. Burr called Regan “extremely qualified,” while Tillis said Regan was someone lawmakers “can rely on to be fair.”[…]

Lest we forget that Regan is the one who has somehow injected RACE into environmental protection.  Yeah, RACE:

President Joe Biden’s nominee to run the Environmental Protection Agency pledged Wednesday to “move with a sense of urgency on climate change” and other priorities, while working with lawmakers from both parties to protect the environment.

Michael Regan told a Senate committee that under Biden the EPA “will stand up for environmental justice and equity”[…]

Perhaps Regan plans to ensure white people get the same amount of trash dumped in their neighborhoods as black neighborhoods do.  *It’s only FAIR.*