Sippin’ on that Tillis kool-aid

Check out this quote in DC’s The Hill newspaper:

[…]“North Carolina is a true purple state. Thirty percent of our voters are registered Republicans, 34 [percent] are registered as Democrats, 35 percent are registered as unaffiliated voters,” said state Republican Chairman Michael Whatley. “Fifty-two to 48 is a landslide in North Carolina.” […]

PURPLE.  That’s Thommy T’s favorite word when talking about the state he allegedly represents.  Whatley has spent most of his tenure as state chairman hugging up to President Trump.  Now, he’s adopting the Low-T rhetoric of The Man from Cornelius. 

The party registration breakdown doesn’t mean a whole lot these days.  The late Jesse Helms won big in Dem-dominated eastern North Carolina over his 30 year tenure.  (The registration numbers were nowhere near as favorable for the GOP during his time as they are NOW.) The GOP ticket did well in 2016 and 2020 in Dem-dominated Robeson County.

The state party chairman is the chief cheerleader for the party and its candidates. Whatley doesn’t sound inspiring there, does he?

That kind of language almost makes Whatley sound like he’s trying to cover his posterior — just in case the ol’ NCGOPe underperforms in November.  

Dale Folwell got reelected in 2020 with 53 percent.  There’s nothing purple about him.  In 2010, Richard Burr won reelection to the Senate with 55 percent.   Pat McCrory got 55 percent of the vote in 2012.   Dan Bishop, certainly no shrinking violet, got 56 percent of the vote in his 2020 reelection bid.

Ted Budd has been more conservative in the House than he has been on the Senate campaign trail.  Unfortunately, he has a lot of Tillis campaign operatives running his Senate show. *You know, those architects of those Tillis electoral romps?*  (The man has yet to see 50 percent of the vote …)

Ted would be handling Cheri much easier if he was allowed to be himself.  Hopefully, he will be his own man — responsive to US rather than Thom — when he gets to DC.

Quality candidates who espouse a credible conservative platform and don’t get stabbed in the back by establishment types can do very well statewide. All of this crossing-the-aisle crap espoused by Team Tillis is not likely to cause a grassroots firestorm. You might scoot by on Election Day. But where’s your mandate? What good is a system where voters really have to study the situation to determine which party is better?  What good is a system where its hard to detect a significant difference between the two main parties? (Tax-raising, big-spending, corruption, cronyism …)

If we wanted someone to cooperate with Schumer & co., we’d vote for someone with the (D) after their name.