Jail time for criticizing Feds?

You never thought it could happen here.  In Cold War-era Eastern Europe, maybe.  The Soviet Union, and possibly current Russia.  Any current or former Latin American dictatorship. But it IS here.  And ALL of us need to step up and tell our so-called “leaders” ENOUGH.

Former Trump aide, Breitbart boss, and “War Room” host Steve Bannon has been convicted of Contempt of Congress.  If the Feds come after everyone who has contempt for Congress, they’re going to have to build A LOT more jails. 

Bannon, as expected, is seeking probation while working on an appeal.  Biden’s prosecutors want him in jail YESTERDAY:

[…] Prosecutors also cited Bannon’s public rhetoric about the select committee throughout his criminal proceedings in support of their sentencing suggestions. They noted that he routinely used his “War Room” podcast and public appearances at the courthouse to deride the investigation. […]

Using his podcast to criticize Congress and their January 6 “investigation”?  The main point of our First Amendment was to protect our rights to say just about anything we want about our government and its actions without fear of retaliation or imprisonment.  If the Feds push for jail time for any and all high-profile critics of the government, we are definitely in the midst of one of the more scary times in American history.


[…] “Through his public platforms, the Defendant has used hyperbolic and sometimes violent rhetoric to disparage the Committee’s investigation, personally attack the Committee’s members, and ridicule the criminal justice system,” prosecutors J.P. Cooney and Amanda Vaughn wrote. “The Defendant’s statements prove that his contempt was not aimed at protecting executive privilege or the Constitution, rather it was aimed at undermining the Committee’s efforts to investigate an historic attack on government.”

The prosecution also noted that Bannon’s contempt of Congress continues “to this day” because he has yet to cooperate even after his conviction.[…]

What are they calling “violent”?  I haven’t heard of anything. Don’t you think the biased, amoral drive-by media would have called him out for “violent” rhetoric before NOW?

Nancy Pelosi is on video openly speaking about “punching” the sitting president (Trump) “out.”  As the speaker, she had access to the president where she could have made that happen.

Threatening the president usually earns you federal charges and prison time. She sounds, um, “violent.”  Will there be an “investigation” of Pelosi?  Charges? (I won’t hold my breath.)

In the real world, defendants in a criminal case are not obligated or required to “cooperate” with the prosecution and their investigators.  Remember the old “right to remain silent” thingie?

Besides, this “investigation” is more like one of Joe Stalin’s show trials than an example of good ol’ American justice.  Terror suspects and illegal aliens are treated with more gentleness and respect than Trump aides and supporters.


[…] “That cannot be tolerated,” Cooney and Vaughn write. “Respect for the rule of law is essential to the functioning of the United States government and to preserving the freedom and good order this country has enjoyed for more than two centuries.”[…]

Freedom.  Yeah.  I’m sure the folks who’ve had their doors kicked in by FBI SWAT teams for standing on the Capitol steps truly appreciate the *respect* for freedom shown by these prosecutors.  I’m sure the Trump supporters sitting in solitary confinement with no details about their next court date or their charges appreciate the DOJ’s *respect* for freedom.

(Meanwhile, the folk who tore up and burned down so much in several American cities over the last two years are being ignored. Does anyone remember the riots that tore apart good chunks of DC on Trump’s Inauguration Day?  Apparently, THAT did not count as a “threat to democracy.”)

God help us. 

This election is big stuff.  It’s not about Republicans saving us.  There are big-government authoritarians in BOTH parties.  However, we’ll have better luck pressuring Republicans to do the right thing.

Get out and vote. We need people in power who will rein in attorney general Garland Merrick and the FBI. This police-state stuff has got to stop.