(*Sigh*) Walter. Walter. Walter.

I’m sure we’ve all had those experiences at social gatherings when we witness someone we really care about making a scene AND a fool out of themselves.

In most cases, I am a fan of congressman Walter Jones.  He and I are both cut from the same rebellious cloth.

But he has stepped over the line.  I didn’t appreciate some of his talk about our troops — and the threats to their funding — in The War on Terror.  It’s one thing to debate and question a policy before our troops hit the battle zone.  (But when they start taking fire, your contrarian words come off a lot like aid and comfort to the enemy. A quick and decisive victory — and return home — should be the goal of EVERY American, regardless of party.)

Fortunately, someone with some sense cornered Walter and talked some sense into him about dropping that whole  strategy.

Jones crossed the line again in siding with the Democrats on this whole Russia subverting the 2016 presidential campaign nonsense.  Every time the media mentions it, the Democrats can point to Walter and say ‘hey, look who’s with us.’ 

Now, Jones is doubling down by siding with the Democrats on seeking the removal of the Republican House Intelligence chairman from the investigation of this whole Russia-subverted-the-2016-election nonsense.

I sure hope that person with sense who helped Walter before COMES BACK before it’s too late.  Walter has done so many good things in his career.  It would be a shame to permanently stain his record with nonsense like this.