(*SIGH*) Once again, Richard Burr aids Left’s anti-Trump efforts


It looks like our senior US senator is once again giving cover to Democrat shenanigans in DC:


Senate Intelligence Committee ChairmanRichard Burr (R-N.C.) said on Thursday that he does not think the identity of the whistleblower at the center of the House impeachment inquiry should be publicly disclosed. 


Asked by reporters if he wanted the individual’s identity to be made public, Burr told reporters that he “never” thought that. 


“We protect whistleblowers. We protect witnesses in our committee,” Burr added.
His comments come as President Trump and some of his allies on Capitol Hill have called for the whistleblower to come forward and for the individual’s name to be publicly released.  […]
Tricky Dick now finds himself to the LEFT of even Lindsey Graham-nesty:

[…] “[But] I think we should allow the president to know who the accuser is. And I think the whistleblower statute is being terribly abused here,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, told reporters earlier this week.



[…] Burr’s committee is reviewing the process behind the whistleblower complaint, the handling of which created a high-profile split within the administration. 



The complaint — tied to Trump asking Ukraine to open a probe into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden — is also at the center of the House impeachment inquiry, which is looking into whether or not Trump conditioned aid to the country on it agreeing to open up an investigation.  


Burr, however, does want to speak with the whistleblower as part of his committee’s investigation into the process.  


Lawyers for the whistleblower have offered to have the individual provide written answers to questions under oath. But Burr told The Hill late last week that the setup was “not acceptable.” 


“We have a proven track record of protecting people’s identity,” Burr added at the time. […]


The so-called whistleblower was IDed by name in Robert Mueller’s report on the whole Russia collusion / election interference hoax.  He’s a former Obama White House aide who has been a guest of Joe Biden’s at some swanky DC events.  Here is just a sample of the articles naming him on the Internet:


So,  STUPID STUPID STUPID Richard Burr is once again turning his committee over  to Mark Warner (D-VA) and giving bi-partisan cover to the leftist coup attempt in DC.  Burr shares a political consultant — Paul Shumaker — with Thom Tillis.


Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear what those two (Shumaker and Tillis)  who are in the midst of telling us (a) how much they love Trump and (b) how bad Garland Tucker is — think about Tricky Dick’s malfeasance?



We have really hit the bottom of the barrel with our Senate representation.  Hell, we’d be better off with TWO empty seats.



7 thoughts on “(*SIGH*) Once again, Richard Burr aids Left’s anti-Trump efforts

    1. And it’s starting to look like we-the-people will never have “all the facts.” The Haymaker is correct in opining that NC would be better off with two vacant Senate seats. Neither are representing the values and wishes of the voters.

  1. No Republican in the House or Senate should be legitimizing this impeachment sham and certainly not cooperating with any Democrat on their committees. They should all be screaming from the rafters about the lack of due process, the only goal of which is to undue the 2016 election! Burr’s committee found no collusion, no obstruction long ago. Why is he still cooperating with Warner? BURR AND TILLIS CANNOT BE VOTED OUT SOON ENOUGH!

    And don’t give me the “we might lose this seat” BS if Garland Tucker wins the primary. How much longer will we North Carolinians be told to hold our noses and vote for these feckless idiots the GOP is jamming down our throats? #GARLANDTUCKER2020

    1. I whole heartly agree! I don’t know how in the world Tom Tillis managed to get Trump’s endorsement. Tillis is the biggest FlipFlop around. He even stated he didn’t care if he lost going against Trump and the wall. Now he’s all for it. Win or lose I am all for Garland Tucker!

    2. It is true that we might lose the seat with Tucker. But I really believe it’s a guaranteed loss with Tillis. Like with Pat McCrory, it only takes a small number of conservatives to decide on Election Day that they don’t want six more years of aggravation and embarrassment from this guy. And that’s going to happen.

  2. How far we have fallen since the days of Senator Jesse Helms and Senator Lauch Faircloth. We have nothing more than two empty suits representing us in the Senate these days. A tragedy.

  3. Reported many, many times not running again. Like Tillis, NOT voting for him should he. And DJT can endorse Tillis til the cows come home, NOT voting for TIllis. Voting Tucker and if he loses, so be it….may as well be Dem seats anyway for the worth we get out of them. THe NC GOP is pathetic and very weak, spineless as is much of the entire GOP across America.

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