*Shocker*: Politicos have contempt for us in fly-over country.

roveThe conservative media is all abuzz over one of ObamaCare’s architects admitting that they counted on “the stupidity of the American voter” to get that vile legislation passed.  And we are shocked, WHY???

I spent a number of years in DC working on Capitol Hill AND as a member of the media.  I saw FIRST-HAND that sentiments like Mr. Gruber’s, in the linked article, are not uncommon.  News that constituents from back home are frequently met with sighs and eye-rolls from staffers.  Never mind that those are the folks who keep you employed. 

We even see it from the elected officials themselves.  Plenty of them have the nerve to come home and rail against ObamaCare, but then go back to DC and describe an effort to repeal ObamaCare as “the dumbest idea” or as something they are ”absolutely not” for.   Say ONE THING to the rubes back home, and say ANOTHER to The New Yobama-fingerork Times, The Washington Post, and your elitist buddies inside The Beltway. 

Why say one thing to the people you claim to be fighting for in Washington, then say and do something else when you get there?  That demonstrates you DO think the rubes back home are stupid.  It demonstrates you DO have contempt.  Unfortunately, it is an affliction that does not discriminate by gender, race, or party affiliation. 

I wasn’t surprised at the Obama crony’s comments.  Though, it was unique to see someone like that say what he said so openly. 

These politicians are not to be worshiped or cooed over.  They are to be watched like a hawk — like guards over inmates, like teachers over kids on the playground. Watch what they say AND what they do.  

If those two things don’t match up — give ’em pure unadulterated hell.  Show them the same level of contempt they show you.