Sex changes. State funds. (Oh, my.)

State senator Andy Wells (R-Hickory) has decided he’s going to go poke the radical homosexual hornet’s nest, too: 

[…] The Trustees who run the State Health Plan faced a tough problem when they met last week: They were handed a report showing the plan – which pays for health insurance for 700,000 current and retired teachers and state employees – had unfunded liabilities of $32.5 billion.

What did the Trustees do about the plan’s debt? Did they cut costs?


Instead, the Trustees voted to increase spending by adding a large new benefit to the plan – they voted to pay for sex change operations for state employees.

You couldn’t make this stuff up. […] 

*Sigh.* By the way, here is the cast of characters behind that move.  Perhaps Dale Folwell can do something about this after being sworn in.  

7 thoughts on “Sex changes. State funds. (Oh, my.)

  1. Wow. Those are sure some liberal appointees, even a national board member of the radical SEIU as a Senate appointee! Our legislature needs to do a better job of appointing people with common sense, not spend-it-all liberals to this board.

  2. What an outlandish move!

    I just wanna know whether the general assembly ‘s neutering of Governor Elect Cooper will be covered also.

  3. Well, guess the first adage of good government is to FIRST, do no harm! Judging by reports of remorse and even suicides among those getting sex changes at taxpayer expense, seem to prove that such actions are proving to do more harm than good. So how do we get our money back on such decisions/experiments that should never have been granted in the first place. Tragic abuse of confused individuals.

  4. A “large benefit” is to be added. So here is my question…How many of these procedures would be expected to be performed on the 700,000 anyway? I do not see a pressing need to have this in there for the one or two people it would affect, especially when there is plenty of coverage for mental illness….which would be more likely to solve the problem.

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