Sex changes. State funds. (Oh, my.)

State senator Andy Wells (R-Hickory) has decided he’s going to go poke the radical homosexual hornet’s nest, too: 

[…] The Trustees who run the State Health Plan faced a tough problem when they met last week: They were handed a report showing the plan – which pays for health insurance for 700,000 current and retired teachers and state employees – had unfunded liabilities of $32.5 billion.

What did the Trustees do about the plan’s debt? Did they cut costs?


Instead, the Trustees voted to increase spending by adding a large new benefit to the plan – they voted to pay for sex change operations for state employees.

You couldn’t make this stuff up. […] 

*Sigh.* By the way, here is the cast of characters behind that move.  Perhaps Dale Folwell can do something about this after being sworn in.