Apparently, The drivebys STILL don’t GET Google ads.

The crusade against ‘fake news” rages on.  Question:  WRAL’s Binky — Raleigh’s very own Ted Baxter — reported a few years back that the late senator Martin Nesbitt called former DHHS head Aldona Wos a “witch.”   (Quite a hubbub went on as a result of that story.)  Well, it turned out that a review of the video revealed Nesbitt said nothing even close to what Binky alleged.  WRAL stuck with the story.  There was no apology.  They presented a false story as true.   Do Binky & WRAL count as “fake news”? 

In Today’s Wall Street Journal, one of their scribes seems perplexed about the “big brands” that advertise on “fake news” sites.  (Ironically, the ad featured in the story graphic is for ‘Obama Motors.’ )

Site that don’t have fully-staffed full time advertising departments often rely on Google ads.   (We do.Though, we gladly accept paid ads from other sources.) You set aside space on your site, and Google and their algorithms select digital copy to fill that space.  In return, the site owner gets a cut of the revenue generated by visitors’ views of and clicks on those ads.   The more visitors your site gets — the more likely you are to have Google toss you some big-name advertisers.

THAT is why we’ve had Hillary and Renee Ellmers ads occasionally pop up in ad space on our site.  We don’t endorse either of them.  Google married us up.  But clicks on those ads, or even views of them, sends money our way.  

Dodge had no idea, I’m sure, that its ad was appearing on that particular site.  But that doesn’t matter to the driveby media and the leftist hordes engaged in this crusade against “fake news.”  Just like in the HB2 fight, pressure will be put on companies to see things the left’s way.  *Better not let your ads show up on Breitbart or The Haymaker!*