Chuck Schumer ALLOWS Senator Kay Hagan to address her constituents

Chuck Schumer, New York’ s senior U.S. Senator, is granting those of us in North Carolina a marvelous opportunity to hear from our junior senator — his protegé and, some say, sock puppet — Kay Hagan.

 (Can’t you just see the rainbows and unicorns and hear the happily-chirping birds responding to the Greensboro Democrat’s melodic words, which I am sure were written by her smug, socialist New York master.) 

Apparently, Senator Sock Puppet has ALL the answers on how to fix this economic mess she has aided and abetted in the NC legislature AND in the U.S. Senate:

North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan plugged the president’s economic speech Friday, saying his proposals “are key to an economy built to last.”

Hagan, a Democrat, said Obama’s economic proposal has the government  investing in education, research, student loans and other programs that will position the country to compete globally in a knowledge economy.

“We have got to invest in our best scientists, our best researchers, our best entrepreneurs, so they are the ones that can innovate right here in America,” Hagan said in a teleconference arranged by the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama. She appeared with Brent Colburn, the Obama campaign’s communications director.

She said the country needs to build infrastructure such as roads and bridges that can create jobs now.

She said Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s emphasis on tax cuts was a return to the policies of President George W. Bush.

“We can’t give billionaires another tax break at the expense of the middle class,” Hagan said. “But that is how Mitt Romney would hold us back. We can’t afford to give the policies of the past decade another try. It would push us back to another recession instead of pushing us toward a recovery.”

“What Mitt Romney is selling didn’t work then and it’s not going to work now,” Hagan said.


First, I am sure this has inspired at least ONE campaign ad by her — yet unnamed — 2014 GOP opponent.

The sock puppet needs to check her history.  We tried all of this “investment” in construction projects and the like in that 2009 “stimulus.”  It turns out that a whole lot of that money got wasted and handed out to unions and other Obama / Perdue / Democrat cronies.  Some temporary projects got launched.  Solyndra and some other disasters got funded and wrecked.  And the economy kept sliding backward.

Tax cuts work well — if you do it in conjunction with controlling government spending and rolling back regulation.

Let’s look at some relatively recent examples of economic expansion in the country:

  1. The Reagan Tax Cuts:  It’s pretty clear that they helped lift our country out of the economic mess spawned in the 70s.   (Of course, we had a recession in 1982 — which can easily be blamed on an orgy of spending by Congress’ Democrat majority.  )
  2. The Clinton Years:   With a Republican Congress and Hillary in The White House, there was constant bickering between the two ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, and very little got “done.”  THAT more than anything helped spawn some of the economic success we saw during the 90s.   Clinton, interested in his legacy, wheeled and dealed with the congressional Republicans to “get SOMEthing done.”  So, he ended up signing SOME relatively conservative legislation, like welfare reform.
  3. The G.W. Bush Years:  I know the sock puppet and her friends will scream about this one.   The tax cuts ACTUALLY helped boost the economy.  People had more money in their pockets to spend AS THEY CHOSE.   Again, an orgy of congressional meddling (wild, out of control spending; housing market, banking industry) negated a lot of the good done by those tax cuts and plunged the nation into the mess we are currently dealing with.
You can go back to earlier eras of prosperity — such as the Calvin Coolidge era — to see a continuation of this theme:  rolling back taxes and regulation WORKS.   If you let people KEEP more of their money, it gets dumped into other parts of the economy — creating growth that government had NOTHING to do with.  
Washington being unable to “get something done” can actually be a good thing for the country as a whole.