See it OUR WAY or WE will ruin YOU.

You can read about all of the great Greek and Roman philosophical debates throughout history.  Before Common Core took over, many of us learned about the Lincoln-Douglas debates which actually engaged the audience on the hot issues of the day without bringing up anyone’s mama, baby mama, or sweetheart deal with a Florida-based lobbyist

Nowadays, political debate is often dominated by the tactics perfected throughout history by such *sweethearts* as Vladimir Lenin, Ivan Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro, Al Capone and John Gotti.  *You DO what we want, or we will do really really unkind things to you.* 

Quite paradoxically, that is the business plan for the same crowd who is out there saying we all need to just hug each other really tight, use the bathroom together, and respect “diversity” and stuff.

Didn’t get the trial verdict you wanted?  Oh, well.  Go out in the streets, set stuff on fire, and break other people’s stuff.  The drivebys will understand and sympathize — as long as its not THEIR stuff. (400 — no, 500 — years of oppression, and all.) 

Don’t like a decision made by a duly elected legislative body?  Send out your bully boys to threaten and badger large corporations that do business in that legislature’s jurisdiction and also depend on minimal controversy to keep their stock prices up and shareholders happy. Getting mentioned in the driveby media in the same breath with “discrimination” or “bigotry”, to these corporations, is like showing a cross to a vampire.  It’s easy to generate a liberal smear campaign within the driveby media.  The drivebys are fellow travelers with the activists. It’s preaching to the choir.  They’re glaaaaaaad to help. 

One of the greatest pieces of advice to me in my old sports-playing days?  Establish your alpha credentials early and up front.  Make it clear what will be tolerated and what will not be. If it means walking up to your opponent and slapping them upside the head before the whistle even blows, so be it.

Stop trying to handle everything like you would in your law practice.  Lawyers’ main motivation is to always seek a deal.  A win-win for everybody.  Ideologues seek blood. And a pound of flesh.  These people on the other side will never stop.  Give them an inch, they will take a kilometer.  You want a compromise to get the folks at the country club off your back.  They want to rewrite the laws of nature and flush western culture down the toilet.  You’re scrimmaging.  They’re in live fire combat mode.

Republicans in Raleigh need to take some guidance from the playbooks of the characters “Debo” from the movie “Friday” and “Omar” from the HBO series ‘The Wire.” Both of those guys were alpha males to the MAX.  (Debo was played by North Carolina native and former NC State football player Tiny Lester, btw.)   They came onto the scene, people’s bodily orifices puckered up.  People gave them what they wanted — just to make someone else the focus of their attention. 

Indiana Jones demonstrated the folly of bringing a knife to a gunfight so well.

Republicans have the numbers, but they are allowing liberals to Debo and Omar them all over the place.  There is nothing shameful in saying ‘I am here to vote the interests of my folks back in Rockingham County, not those of George Soros.  THIS is what my people sent me here to do.’   

Work on the counter-message too.  Screw the mainstream media. Republicans who continue to give WRAL and The N&O  the time of day are morons.  Those driveby folks are little more than Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.  A bunch of money-bleeding, step-n-fetchit liars. 

Stop responding.  Go on the offensive with the very palatable, very popular limited government message in your party platform.  You have a base out here that wants you to shake things up dramatically.  Though, you DO have a communication problem.  It’s hard to be taken credible as a reformer when you are partaking in the same graft and corruption you’ve bashed for years. There IS a burgeoning conservative blogosphere out here.  I am willing to bet that our site alone has more reach and influence than most main-stream media outlets in the state. I hear from people from Murphy to Manteo to Pineville to Reidsville to Wilmington every week expressing their frustrations and seeking some leadership.  

Leadership is NOT about catering to Tim Moore and David Lewis.  It’s about setting the tone for your environment.  Laying the ground rules of conduct.  It’s about laying out specifics to your people back home, and then going to work on making them a reality.




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  1. Any thinking individual knows intuitively what this article so succinctly states – never, ever trust a progressive. Yet, even after the landslide victories of Trump and vehemently anti-HB2 Forrest in this state, our elected officials fail time and again to connect the dots. I am simply shocked by Phil Berger’s actions — and the other GOP clowns who voted for the HB2 repeal. The quicker these dolts realize we are at war with Cooper and his progressive cabal (and the equally despicable NCGOPe including Moore and Nelson) the better. We get it — let’s hope Phil Berger comes to his senses soon.

    1. Interested in the continued reference to “landslide” Trump victory. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that it was really close when the popular vote gave him a close to 3 million loss? Interested in folks interpretation of “landslide”.

  2. If some of the folks that inhabit and roam the halls of 16 W. Jones Street desire to see what leadership looks like, just stop by Room 1008 and visit with a Marine currently representing House District 3. Michael Speciale knows what his constituents wish for him to do because he makes it a priority to ask them.

    Negotiating with bullies never turns out well. One would think that Moore, Berger, and Lewis should know this without having to be told. There is no win-win when dealing with thuggery. You just lose more and more.

    And speaking of losing, two years is not much time to become a true leader, not just in title, but to the voters in your respective districts.

  3. The GOP needs to do a better PR job. Neither the legislative leadership nor party headquarters has been very good at that. They need to put down their own line in the sand, such as no changes to HB2 until a way can be devised to protect the privacy of women and girls. We should even be throwing the Democrats’ ”war of women” tag back at them on this issue. We should be reminding people constantly of ”Blueprint” and how all of this sideshow is part of the Democrats’ ”Blueprint” strategy. We should be responding to everything the round socialist reverend has to say by connecting him to his George Soros money. Barber is nothing but a paid Soros agitator and he should be constantly denounced as such. We should be denouncing reporters that call HB2 an ”LGBT bill” for spewing fake news because that is not what HB2 is about. Challenge them. Don’t be shy about it. Polls show the American people do not believe the media. Don’t be afraid of them. Go after them as part of the enemy, as they are. Challenge their objectivity, as they have none. Go balls to the wall. Don’t be shrinking violets as has happened too often in the past.

  4. Bathroom bans represent BIG-GOVERNMENT Nanny State overreach, not small-government conservatism. Slap down the Charlotte ordinance and let the “men” and “women” signs do the talking. There’s no need for a state law telling grown adults where to piss. To libertarian-leaning folks and anyone who isn’t obsessed with contrived culture wars, HB2 is an embarrassment.

    1. You seem as mixed up as those self-styled ”transgenders”.

      Big government nanny-state policies are those that Charlotte tried to implement, to punish private individuals who maintain separate restroom or shower room facilities for men and women. Charlotte wanted to use government coercion to force private businesses, churches, and other entities to allow men into womens restrooms and locker rooms. What Charlotte did was big government stormtrooperism.

      HB2, on the other hand supports the rights of the owners of bathrooms and shower rooms to regulate them however they want. That is individual freedom. Only government facilities are required to respect the privacy of men and women in rest rooms and shower rooms.

      Charlotte represents big government nanny-state policies with its bathroom ordinance, which is an embarrassment to our state. HB2 is what eliminated this embarrassment.

      I think you also may be confused between libertarians and libertines.

        1. Yes but this is been what they have been wanting for Charlotte for years and years a World Class City but they always fail and keep failing to realize that this goal brings World Class Problems but most of these people live in gated neighborhoods and never have to deal with the issues that the rest of the citizens that are just trying to obey the law and be a good neighbors have too deal with

    2. Please read the legislation; it does not prohibit private businesses from having “open seating” it simply does not make it mandatory. I hope they do not overturn HB2; keeping the boys out of the girls’ showers is hardly big government interference. The main responsibility of government is to protect its citizens. Not bothering to read the legislation should be a BIG embarrassment to you.

    3. Say you have a 3rd grade daughter do you want all the 3rd grade boys to claim they are transgender and share the multi-stall bathroom with your daughter?

      Do you want your daughters 3rd grade teacher to tell you daughter it is ok for her to become your son because she would rather wear pants and play kick ball and do boy things and then she would start using the little boys room since it is now the one not being used?

      Now my crazy questions sound about as logical or maybe a bit more than your previous statements but hey i am looking forward to your answers anyway

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