SC Primary: Newt Roars Back


Mitt Romney has learned that he ACTUALLY lost Iowa, and that Rick Perry is dropping out of the race and endorsing Newt Gingrich.  The polls in South Carolina are tightening up, showing Gingrich nipping at Romney’s heels.  Not a good 24 hours for the Mittster.  (Polling in North Carolina shows Newt either leading or virtually tied with Romney.) 

Many political observers, including El Rushbo, see Newt’s rise as a result of recent debate performances in The Palmetto State.

The alleged mainstream media is in a panic about Newt’s surge.  ABC News has hauled out Newt’s most recent ex-wife, Marianne, to dish dirt on him the night before the South Carolina vote. (With Hillary Clinton’s errand boy, Little George Stephanopolous, leading ABC’s political coverage, the network’s credibility has fallen to somewhere between MSNBC and the Unabomber’s manifesto.)

It’s funny.  Little George — when he was working overtly for the Clintons — told us that Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, et. al, were not newsworthy.  Ronald Reagan was divorced and had a pre-White House personal life that Baptist deacons would frown on.

Hauling out the ex-wife right before the primary is dirty pool.   (Does ANYONE out there have an ex-wife who would go on national TV to say something nice about them?)

People are suffering in this economy.  The 2010 election results demonstrated that most Americans want someone who will get in BarryO’s face and aggressively promote free market conservatism.  Newt’s recent performances have satisfied that desire.  Establishment Republicans like Romney and McCain — who support TARP and the stimulus and talk a lot about reaching across the aisle — don’t light people’s fires.  Watch some footage of Ronald Reagan going after Jimmy Carter in 1980.  THAT’S how it’s done.

Instead of tearing Newt and Ron Paul new ones with SuperPAC ads, Romney needs to listen to those two men, adopt their positions, and try to win over their supporters.  If he continues on his current track, Romney runs the risk of repeating his buddy John McCain’s 2008 performance.