Roy’s World: Clueless. Not so excellent.

RoysWorld.fwI don’t know about YOU, but I *sure* appreciate it when someone who has (a) never done what I do and /or (b) has no clue exactly what I do tries to tell me (a) he has all the answers and (B) knows how to do what I do better. 

Politicians on both sides of the aisle crack me up — not in a good way — when they talk about “creating jobs.”  Of course, they do NONE of that.  They create more problems than they solve.  Business people spend more time figuring out how to work around the messes created by politicians — it seems — than they do actually doing what they do best.

Anyone who knows a damn thing about business and economics knows that jobs are created when a business recognizes a demand for a good or service they provide and decides to recruit help in meeting said need.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have a governor’s race going on.  Gov. Pat McCrory has gone on and on about all of the jobs HE has created.

Well, Roy Cooper decided to get off his lazy ass and say something today about creating some of those job thingies.  Surely, someone had to explain to him that a JOB is that stuff he has been avoiding for about four years now.    Here’s the dumb-reporter-new-york-timessteno pool at McClatchy: 

[…] But at a news conference at Central Piedmont Community College, Cooper argued that while the economy has improved across the country, most North Carolinians haven’t seen the benefits.

“The truth is his ‘Carolina Comeback’ has benefited those at the top and done little for working families,” Cooper said. “… Simply because there are more jobs doesn’t mean that they’re better-paying jobs and people are making more money. That has to be our measure of success.”[…]

O-Kay.  How much is “enough”?  And how will state government guarantee higher pay?  Jack the minimum wage up to, oh, THIRTY DOLLARS and hour?  (Good luck growing the economy like that.)   

Apparently, Ol’ Roy thinks we’d be experiencing an incredible economic boom if we’d JUST let guys into the ladies room:

[…] Cooper, the attorney general, said HB2 has cost the state “thousands of jobs and hundreds of million dollars” in investments. McCrory, he said, “doesn’t believe it’s a problem.” HB2 requires people in government facilities to use bathrooms that match the gender on their birth certificates.[…]cooper1-2

How do you lose something that you never truly had in the first place?  Apparently, the steno pool at McClatchy didn’t bother to ask Cooper about his personal lobbying efforts to gin up the boycott and protests over HB2.  MORE: 

[…] But Cooper cited figures showing that North Carolina has the southeast’s lowest growth of personal income. And he said growth has been unbalanced. Most new jobs have gone to urban counties, while 55 of the state’s 100 counties have fewer jobs than they did before the recession.

First of all, the personal income statistic is dubious, to say the least.  As late as 2013, North Carolina — in comparison to its neighbors — had the second highest median annual income behind only Virginia.

Also for 2013, North Carolina’s Gross State Product (GSP) — total value added from all the state’s industries — was tops among its neighbors  MORE: 

[…] Cooper’s job plan includes better workforce preparedness, including more apprenticeship programs, more investment in transportation and broadband infrastructure, Medicaid expansion, middle-class tax cuts, restoration of the state film tax credits and repeal of HB2.[…] 

“Better workforce preparedness”?   *Sounds great!* HOW is state government going to do that? And how come Cooper couldn’t achieve that during his three decades in state government under mostly Democrat administrations? biggovt

Basically his whole “plan” boils down to spending more money and putting DUDES in the ladies’ rest room.  * Sounds like a winner.*  MORE: 

“You have to decide what is your measure of success for North Carolina,” Cooper said. “And my measure of success is putting more money in the pockets of everyday working people.”[…]

The best thing YOU — Roy — and Pat can do is to get out of the way.  Job growth happens when the shackles are taken off of business owners — the people with means — so they can invest and take risks.  They tend not to do that when we have howling packs of statists screaming threats of lynching against all “rich people.”  

Obama’s stimulus didn’t do the trick.  Ol’ Pat’s ConnectNC scam won’t do it.  And neither will Ol’ Roy’s gimmick he’s peddling here.

dog-pooThe greatest period of economic growth in modern history occurred around 1981 when the Reagan tax cut and deregulation juggernaut was at full steam.  People with the means to invest and grow the economy felt confident and jumped out there to take risks.  We’ve got an awful lot of people in charge in Raleigh right now who appear quite fond of pulling government back off of the throats of the investing and entrepreneurial class.  People are starting to feel confident about risk-taking in the Tar Heel State once again.  

Want to keep the Comeback coming?  Keep getting government out of the way and growing that confidence.  And you can’t do that by electing Hillary Clinton and Roy Cooper — a couple of flaming bags of poo on our doorsteps — to our state and nation’s highest offices.

7 thoughts on “Roy’s World: Clueless. Not so excellent.

  1. I would be willing to bet that 98% of probable Clinton and Cooper voters have never heard of the Austrian School of Economics. And in all probability neither have Cooper or Clinton.

    Browny Douglas

  2. You nailed it on this one. Creating jobs and running the business world are not government responsibilities. Government can create a business-friendly environment by cutting taxes and regulation, but otherwise needs to leave the free enterprise system alone to do its own thing through supply and demand. That’s why I never support targeted financial incentives or subsidies. The taxpayers shouldn’t bear the burden of funding business ventures. If a business can’t make it on its own without taxpayer funding, maybe it isn’t needed.

  3. Somebody ought to explain to this moron Cooper what happened to Target’s stock price immediately after it announced it was allowing men into the ladies restrooms in its stores. That is NOT the way you grow a business as its shareholders have found out the hard way.

  4. Are you sure that Chris Fitzcryin’ or Rob Scowlfield did not just write what appeared in McClatchey? Those job “creation” plans look just like your typical post at their whiny web sites.

    I would not suggest going over to the policy watch by the way. They delete all comments that do not agree with them.

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