Rob Christensen: Still making a mess after ALL THESE YEARS.

messHis employer’s stock is hovering around “junk” territory.   (A lot of folks have been laid off in McClatchy newsrooms.  But ROB is STILL THERE.) 

Rob has something in common with Unvision’s Jorge Ramos.  He, like Jorge, has been tossed out of a media event by a prominent Republican political figure.  (Jesse Helms had the deed done to Rob at a GOP event in Raleigh a few decades back.)

Scowling Rob — Blinkin’ Chris’s sidekick (and NO RELATION) — describes the N&O newsroom’s geriatric squatter as  ”a confirmed centrist who has sometimes frustrated progressives down through the years with his extremely high tolerance for conservative policy blather.”

Let’s check out the latest example of the aforementioned, um, “tolerance”: