Richard Hudson NOT a fan of the Trump wall either

Here’s one more piece of evidence for those of you who really WANT to believe that manufactured politician Richard Hudson is an actual Tea Party-style conservative who doesn’t march in lockstep with Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy:

[…] Hudson joined Tillis in criticizing some of Trump’s policy points.

He said “a 2,000-mile concrete wall” on the Mexican border might not happen and might not need to happen, although he did say there needs to be more border security in general.[…] 

Thom Tillis went on Tucker Carlson a few weeks ago and got his ass handed to him after making similar statements.

 I guess ol’ Rich thinks he’s smarter. And why not?  He went to The Candidate Store and picked up a wife, a baby, a dog and a fabricated small business, and people fell for it.  

He’s invincible.  

Guys like Them and Rich have made a killing lying to the rubes back home.  And here we have a president who gets elected in a landslide and is trying to actually honor his campaign promises.  (He’s going to ruin the whole scam.)

2 thoughts on “Richard Hudson NOT a fan of the Trump wall either

  1. Hudson’s nomination was bought and paid for in the primary in his first race by Eric Cantor’s PAC, which spent more money on Hudson than it did on all other races in the country COMBINED in that cycle. This is the very same Eric Cantor who was then unseated by Dave Bratt in his own primary because Cantor was soft on illegal immigration. So it is no surprise that his bought and paid for Congresscritter Hudson is also soft on illegal immigration. Eric Cantor is now working on Wall Street, where I am sure he is still pushing the soft on illegal immigration line.

    Hudson needs to get the same treatment as his sugardaddy Cantor. Where is our Dave Bratt?

  2. I know some decent, smart men and women who could be our David Bratt, but once again, are “We the People” willing to contribute to their candidacy to defeat the incumbent? It’s going to take a lot of money, and most folks who complain about our feckless NC Representatives are not willing to donate their money to unseat these S.O.B.s. That is why we end up with the same old political hacks election after election.

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