RFRA: An opportunity for Mark Harris?

harrispointIt’s been a long while since we heard from the Baptist preacher from Charlotte.  Harris jumped into the 2014 GOP primary for US Senate appealing to religious conservatives and Tea Partiers.  Some saw him as a stalking horse meant to split the Tea Party vote and help establishment favorite and fellow Mecklenburgian Thom Tillis. (I was initially in this camp.  But I began second-guessing myself after meeting the man and interviewing him during the campaign.) 

When the smoke cleared after May’s vote, Harris was a good soldier and endorsed Thom Tillis.  He even campaigned for the GOP nominee.  But since Tillis’s win in November, we haven’t seen a whole lot of Rev. Harris.  I know.  He’s got a family and a congregation to look after.  He’s a busy guy.

But the left is going wild on the cultural front here in North Carolina and across the country.  We’ve got a real leadership void out there on the conservative side of the culture wars.  During the 2014 campaign, Harris spoke about the importance of people of faith getting involved in the political process.

harrisYet, since November, he’s faded into the background.

Gay activists pushed hard for gender-neutral bathrooms and other radical ordinance changes before the Charlotte City Council.  Rev. Franklin Graham stepped into the breach and blasted it all for the lunacy it truly was.  But where was Harris?

During the Senate campaign, Harris spoke proudly of his leadership in getting the marriage amendment to the state constitution approved.  Since then, a federal judge has tossed out the amendment.  Gay marriage is being shoved down our throats.

We’ve got a Religious Freedom Restoration Act — meant to protect people of faith from the P.C. gestapo — sitting in the legislature.  The lefties and their drive by media comrades are tearing the RFRA to shreds.  The politicians are running and ducking for cover.  Who is out there speaking for the little people frustrated with the cultural rot being nurtured and spread by the political left from sea to shining sea? 

Mark Harris could be that leader.  If he was truly serious about wanting to be a political leader, HERE is his chance.