Retired Raleigh financier eyeing primary challenge to US senator Thom Tilli$$$?


THAT is the word on the street.   Garland Tucker III is the retired CEO of Raleigh’s Triangle Capital Corporation.   He’s a Harvard Business School grad and a senior fellow at The John Locke Foundation and board member at Civitas.  Tucker is an author whose best know work is Conservative Heroes: Fourteen Leaders Who Changed America – Jefferson to Reagan.

He’s also been published in the pages of National ReviewInvestors Business Daily, The Daily Caller, Real Clear Policy, Real Clear Markets, and Real Clear Education. 

Tucker was a skeptic about Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Three lesser-known Democrats — Mecklenburg County commissioner Trevor Fuller,  state senator Erica Smith, and Raleigh tax attorney Eva Lee.– have announced their intentions to run.

Primaries for the US Senate seat will take place in March 2020.

9 thoughts on “Retired Raleigh financier eyeing primary challenge to US senator Thom Tilli$$$?

  1. So I just ordered a copy of the book that is something I would never had done if Tillis was the author #TomTheTerribleTillis

  2. Go, go go. NC needs a Conservative Senator.
    Tillis is not, he’s a self-serving political opportunist, as is my local state district 110 representative.
    As a life-long conservative (1966) I’m embarrassed with Republican representation in Tillis and my district, I’m to old for dealing with ethical dilemmas with liars.. I was a skeptic about Donald Trump. Did voted for him in 2016 and will so in 2020

  3. There is so much disillusionment right now with the North Carolina GOP Establishment, that any challenger to Tillis has to be taken seriously. I think Tillis would lose a primary right now to any legitimate candidate–and Mr. Tucker is certainly legitimate. I also think the Constitution Party will run a full slate of conservative legislative candidates if the Republicans cave to the Chapel Hill mobs on the destruction of Silent Sam. And, finally, I predict a strong candidate will emerge against Robin Hayes, especially since GOP staffers have been exposed attacking the Christian youth at the Right to Life March. It’s going to get very interesting. Stay tuned.

  4. Tillis is a disgrace, as is Burr! Thank goodness someone might primary Tillis! NC has been so I’ll-served by our two Senators! They need to go!

  5. This guy seems to have several red flags: I am always cautious about anyone who went to Harvard. Surviving at Locke / CIvitas while John Hood was pushing genuine conservatives out is also not a plus. But the worst is that Virginia Pilot article. That this guy would support Marco “Amnesty Man” Rubio against Trump and then, even worse, lefty John Kasich against Trump really raises huge concerns about his conservatism.

    In particular his views on illegal immigration need to be put under a microscope. We do not need to swap one amnesty amigo for another.

    I much prefer Mark Meadows who is a proven conservative as our Senate nominee. I also wonder with Woodhouse’s new 30% primary threshold, if this guy is plant to try to split the conservative vote. Conservatives need to unite behind one candidate, and that candidate needs to be solid on the key issues, most particularly immigration.

  6. I detest the lying Thom Tillis who doesn’t represent the people of North Carolina. Thom Tillis gets his marching orders via the Koch Brothers who are adversaries of any true republicans. This explains Thom’s amnesty push for millions of illegals because the Koch Bros and various pacs are his largest donors. However, if this gentleman supported Kasich then that’s a line I will not cross. Kasich is on the same level as Tillis.

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