NCGOP spokesman fell for FAKE NEWS re: KY students and Indian protester


Believe it or not, the NCGOP actually has a communications staffer.  The 2018 campaign had many of us believing  state party HQ was trying to keep info about their candidates TOP SECRET,  

Someone  named Jeff Hauser is supposedly in charge of the party’s messaging.  Jeff is a “special guy.”  He’s got an obsessive hatred of congressmen Mark Meadows and Walter Jones, and ME.  That’s right.  An obsessive hatred of three well-known Republicans.  By the state Republican Party’s spokesman. 

Hauser has verbally abused Meadows in-person.  Jones and I have been assaulted by Jeff via social media.  (Sometimes Jeff has the guts to sign his name.  Most of the time, he uses silly aliases.  Either way he does it, the message is overflowing with the usual vitriol and pure hatred.)

I have to admit I smiled, then shook my head in dismay, when I came across this gem on Twitter:

This story has been thoroughly discredited as a frame-up job and hoax.   Here’s another great example.  (Only a few drive-bys are still beating this dead horse.)

It’s amazing that the NCGOP — an organization that lives for bashing fake news and the liberal media — has a spokesman who fell for this stinking pile of fake news hook, line and sinker.

Though, we are talking about a group currently being run by a mean old man and a cartoon character.

Should we tell Hauser that Santa Claus isn’t real?

I don’t know if I have the heart to tell him about The Tooth Fairy or The Easter Bunny.  Finding out the truth just might break his black, gullible heart.

18 thoughts on “NCGOP spokesman fell for FAKE NEWS re: KY students and Indian protester

  1. It is appalling to see progressives like this Hauser dude at NCGOP and Brent Woodcox at the NCGA, working for Republicans. They smell like Democrat plants and their social media trail seems to bear that our..

  2. There needs to be a total housecleaning of the NC GOP. Within two years time, RINOs have destroyed everything we have worked for years to achieve. Clean out the corrupt legislative leadership, party headquarters, and UNC trustees. We have had enough! This idiot Jeff Hauser is an embarrassment to every true Republican in the state. I’ve been wondering why the GOP communications operation was so weak–now I know why. Hauser should be gone by Monday if Robin Hayes has a brain.

    1. Hayes is a liberal, not going to happen, he’s just fine with the staff. The State Central Committee bears 100 percent of the blame for Woodhouse and his band of progressive fifth columnists infesting the premises at 1506 Hillsborough Street. Mark Meadows HAS to know these poseurs represent a threat to the President’s chances to keep North Carolina in his win column next year, and as he has the President’s ear, hopefully has briefed him.

  3. How much of this is incompetence versus how much of this is betrayal. Hum, either way we need a complete house cleaning. It’s not acceptable.

    1. A leader is needed. I was just talking about this tonight with someone. The Tea Party movement had several great leaders and Sarah Palin joined in and led too. Massive peaceful demonstrations are needed and our own senators need large peaceful groups of Republicans to send a message to them to stop the crap!

  4. When I first saw this post, I honestly thought it was a mistake–although the Daily Haymaker is scrupulously careful in its reporting. But since the story has not been denied, it certainly reflects poorly on the NC GOP. We have enough problems with our appointees to the UNC governing boards to be joining with the leftist media in attacks on Christian young people.

  5. Well, it’s Monday morning. Has Robin Hayes fired Jeff Hauser yet? Or, is Hayes going to tolerate anti-Christian bigotry by NC GOP staff?

    1. Don’t you get it already? We already showed that we do not need you Christians back when we helped promote repeal of HB2, the law that had kept men out of the ladies restroom and locker room. That should have sent a message that we not not need you. If you didn’t get it then, maybe you should have when we sponsored a gay political meeting at NCGOPe headquarters and recruited homosexual candidates to run as Republicans for the legislature. Don’t expect any of our fine progressive staff, who all try to be PC to be fired for such things.

  6. How do so many people who have never done a thing in their lives and who do not really know anything get fairly well-paid jobs in political positions where they actually do damage. We have our own Alexandria Octavio-Cortez’s.

  7. It is a fact that the Republicans built the biggest Gay & Lesbian Center in the entire state on the East Carolina campus in Greenville. Believe me, this is no Dallas Outhouse joke. I wish it were. Conservatives are definitely looking for an alternative to the rapidly sinking NC GOP.

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