Republican legislator, DEMOCRAT DONOR ???


Here in Moore County, we have  a Republican candidate who gave multiple times to Barack Obama. Agriculture commissioner Steve Troxler headed “Farmers for John Edwards”  in 1998 when the Democrat was challenging incumbent US Senator Lauch Faircloth.    So,  NOTHING surprises me anymore.


Lisa Stone Barnes (R-Nash County) was elected in 2018 to North Carolina House District 7.   This time around,  she’s set her sights on the open North Carolina Senate District 11 seat (Johnston and Nash counties).   Her primary opponents are Patrick Harris and Dennis Nielsen.


Harris has launched an ad on social media accusing Barnes and her husband of dumping $45,000 on liberal Democrat politicians.  Donation recipients cited in the ad include Mike Easley, Roy Cooper and Bob Etheridge.



We decided to check out the accusation for ourselves.  Here are the Etheridge donations we found:



It gets worse.   Check out these other findings.  She donated to TWO Democrat gubernatorial candidates:  Roy Cooper in 2016 and Mike Easley in 2004.  She donated to Cooper’s AG campaigns in 2000, 2004, and 2008.



In 2002,  Barnes donated to Democrat NC Senator A.B. Swindell.  In 2018,  she gave to the NC Senate campaign of unaffiliated candidate Ken Fontenot in NC Senate District 11.


8 thoughts on “Republican legislator, DEMOCRAT DONOR ???

  1. Ken Fontenot was a House candidate supported by Republicans who did not have a candidate.

  2. Patrick Harris, raised taxes, raised fees on water and increased spending. He has 12 counts of writing bad checks, and at one time time has a IRS lien on him.

    Also, I think the Cooper donations were from her husband.

    1. Well Dallas, you need to get all of the facts if you are going to sling your usual mud, the bad checks were a result of his previous deceased wife from 28 years ago that had mental health issues and wrote a number of bad checks on their joint account. In an effort to support his then wife, he took an extra job mowing grass to pay each and every one of those checks off himself. In regards to IRS Lien, that was in regards to a business that he was part owner in that involved another partner where there was a disagreement and the partner was bought out and oh by the way, Patrick also saw to it that the lien was completely paid off in full and satisfied. So with that said, Patrick is the perfect example of the type of person we need serving the citizens of Johnston and Nash County. With you in the corner for Lisa, it even more supports why Patrick is the right person for the job. Let’s face it, how did your past tactics work out for you!!!!

    2. How the hell cares about bounces checks from 30 years ago? Good grief. I feel bad for the guy after reading this in regards to his ex wife.

      It appears Lisa’s checks cleared going to Bev Perdue while she was running against Pat McCrory.


    3. Nice try, Herring. Or is it Red Herring? If you look at the information posted in the article and at the linked information, ALL of the donations are in her name. Not a one in the hubby’s name.

      I heard you were working for the state party recruiting candidates. Are you responsible for recruiting this doozy? And WHY are you in the middle of a GOP primary?

  3. I did not have anything to do with recruiting Lisa. I did find her to be a solid republican during her time in the General Assembly

  4. I mostly assisted, as I have for many years recruiting candidates in deep blue districts, where we need candidates but the chances of victory are extremely remote

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