Moore County’s WOKE, social justice warrior public school system


Moore County is arguably one of the most loyal Republican counties in the state.  Democrats have managed,  thanks to non-partisan school board races,  to take over the county board of education.  The Democrat board members have been working hand-in-hand with our leftist superintendent to implement the Bernie Sanders / Barack Obama agenda county-wide.




They have dozens of administrative employees making two to three times what classroom teachers are making.  There are so  many administration types that the county’s “alternative school” has been partially converted to a “central office annex. ” This board has horribly mismanaged three school construction projects —  even locating one of the three between two EPA SuperFund sites.  Students are being shifted around to different schools — sometimes great distances from their homes — all for the sake of “racial and economic diversity. ”  (And, of course,  there is NEVER enough money to keep the educrats at the central office fat and happy.)


The latest hijink, which I noticed the other day during a trip to Pinecrest High School, really takes the cake.  Since the Obama years,  the radical left has been hollering about Confederate memorials and demanding their removal from public view.  Pinecrest’s auditorium has been named for some time after a former county schools superintendent — Robert E. Lee.


As a testament to the poor job Moore County Schools has done in educating the populace,  people began to accuse the school system of naming the auditorium after the famed Confederate general.  The Pilot even had to resort to publishing an article explaining that the auditorium was, indeed,  named for the former superintendent and NOT the general.


You would have thought the controversy would have ended there.  (Sadly,  it did not.)  The school system oh so quietly altered the name of the auditorium from “Robert E. Lee” to “R.E. Lee.”



(If you look closely at the white fascia at the roof line,  you can see the imprint of where the letters for “Robert E. Lee Auditorium” used to be. )


Things get interesting when you travel to the opposite end of the school to the gymnasiums.  (Yes, there ARE two.)



Here we have The Barbara A. Foxx gymnasium and The James H. Moore gymnasium.  Their names are spelled out, while Mr. Lee’s is abbreviated.  The Robert E. Lee Auditorium has had its full name spelled out on the front of the building for at least 13 years.  No one said ‘boo’ about it until our sobbing superintendent and the Democrat majority took over the school board.




Interested in fixing this out-of-control liberal laboratory?  Early voting has started.  On the primary ballot, there are two school board races.   If you want a couple of voices on the board to fight this nonsense –  vote for Robert Levy and Phillip Holmes.  



There will be more incumbents to vote out and more “fighters” to replace them with in November.  But electing Levy and Holmes in this round sends a heck of a shot across the school board’s bow.