Raleigh Rubber Street: Explained

Jason Saine is a mover and shaker in the House.  The guy went from unemployment to vice-chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and Chairman of the Finance Committee.  You’d THINK the guy would be pretty good with math and record keeping and stuff like that.

Nevertheless, this site AND the board of elections have had to expend quite a bit of effort to stay on him about his campaign finances.   We were stumped about one particular expenditure his campaign made to something called “Raleigh Rubber Street.” The state board of elections has deciphered that for us: 

East Lincoln Republican Women.  Raleigh Rubber Street.  * I can, um, SEE how the two could be confused.*

But there was more the board of elections had to tell us:

And then there’s THIS:

Buying meds with campaign funds? (*Little blue pills?*)

And it took him four years to correct it?  (Well, if they’ll give you a pass on custom made high-dollar suits and dry-cleaning, THIS should get one too.)

*I, for one, sleep mighty comfortably at night knowing THIS GUY is making all the BIG $$$$ decisions on my and your behalf.*