Raleigh GOP establishment flexing muscle in Davidson County

ncgopWe’ve said quite a bit about the hubbub in Davidson County over the appointment of Republican Roger Younts to finish out the unexpired term of long-time legislator Jerry Dockham, who got appointed to the state Utilities Commission by Gov. Pat McCrory. Younts was seated in the House, despite a protest from local GOP leaders.

At the end of July, a Davidson GOP leader publicly pledged to primary Younts when he faces the voters for the first time in 2014.  In August, a Davidson County newspaper published a letter-to-the-editor from state House majority leader Edgar Starnes praising the newly-appointed legislator who, at the time, had served less than one month on Jones Street.

Edgar WHO, you ask?  I know. Starnes has been quite invisible this legislative session.  I first discovered him thanks to a video from NCPolicyWatch featuring Starnes reading a novel on the House floor during debate on health care.)

This seat in Davidson is basically OPEN.  (Younts has not yet faced the voters.)  It’s been made clear that there will be a GOP primary for the seat. How wise is it for the Raleigh establishment to be sticking its nose into a situation that is clearly a decision solely for the residents of Davidson County?