“Qualifications,” venom and a throbbing case of butthurt.

It appears the HDS (Hensley Derangement Syndrome) currently ravaging Pravda-on-Pennsylvania’s one-man editorial board is not going away any time soon:


This is the second nasty unsigned broadside John Nagy has launched against Steve Woodward.  You have wonder when Nagy’s man-parts will grow large enough to where he will actually sign his name to his drivel.  

Woodward has been a professional journalist in a bigger market than Nagy has ever worked in. Perhaps, there’s some professional jealousy going on here.  Woodward has also been a key player in a real business.  Nagy, on the other hand, has not. 

Nagy moans about Woodward not having any “education background.”  What about incumbent board members George Little (insurance), Larry Caddell (software sales) and Connie Lovell (interior design)?  Why is there no moaning about their lack of “education background”?

Nagy sounds a lot like those arrogant E-school grads I posted about earlier.  *SNIFF.  You know nothing. You have NO education degree.*

Woodward has graduated from college and held a successful career.  He sounds perfect for a board post.  The college’s purpose is to serve the entire community, and not just George and Larry.

I looooove how Nagy hurls “conservative blogger” like an epithet.  I know THIS blog, which I produce, has a much larger reach than Nagy’s money-bleeding paper could ever hope to reach.  Nagy hid his wife’s employment at the county schools’ central office from his readers for years.  (His paper’s patty-cake treatment of the county school board during that time makes so much more sense now.)

The Sandhills Community College board of trustees appears to have violated the state’s open meetings laws for at least a decade.  The Pilot — our alleged eyes and ears and defender of the First Amendment — has not uttered one peep about that.

The Sandhills Community College Hoke campus was woefully underused for the last several years of the Dempsey era.  Again, not one peep from Team Nagy.

Critical Race Theory and DEI — Marxist, race-baiting, evil ideologies — are openly being integrated into every nook and cranny of the SCC operation.  Again, not one peep from Nagy.

Without bloggers, Moore County residents would be even more in the dark than they currently are.

Apparently, Nagy thinks the concept of keeping parents in the loop about what public school employees are doing to their kids is EXTREME.

“Strong community connections”?  What does that mean?  Woodward lives here and is quite active.  I guarantee he has more friends and supporters than Nagy does.

“Support the school’s mission”?  Apparently that means, “unquestioningly support everything George and Larry want.”   Community Colleges were established to provide and enhance job skill training across our state.  It’s evolved into a place for country club-bred kids to get a jump-start on their pursuit of a bachelor’s degree.  Blue collar workers often have to travel out of the county to learn skills they actually need for work.  Raising questions during board meetings and providing differing perspectives can only be helpful to the college’s future.  Mindlessly ramming through George and Larry’s pipe dreams has not been — and will not be — a healthy course.

“Moral, respectful and rational community building”?  Does that include venomous attacks on the enemies of David Woronoff and Mrs. Nagy in unsigned editorials? 

Also, I don’t get the extensive out-of-context mining of Woodward’s social media activity.  That’s more than borderline creepy, JN.  (Of course, look who I’m talking to.)

HDS rages on.  Hopefully, doctors can find a cure for Mr. Nagy.  It’s so sad to watch all this public, self-destructive activity.