Polling: Tillis the MOST UNPOPULAR Senator in DC


The Democrat the media and the GOPe helped in Alabama is actually faring better than Our Thom.  Robert Menendez (D-NJ), who barely escaped going to federal prison on corruption charges, is doing better than Thom.




Morning Consult runs quarterly polls in each of the 50 states on the popularity of all 100 US senators.  Here’s the meat and potatoes for their Q2 2019 findings:


  • Tillis has the lowest favorability rating of any Republican in  the chamber.
  • Tillis has the lowest favorability rating of any senator up for reelection in 2020.
  • If you made a list of the most vulnerable senators in the upper chamber on Capitol Hill, Tillis would be at the top.
  • Thirty-two percent of North Carolinians who participated did NOT KNOW Thom Tillis.  Thirty-five percent disapproved of him.  Thirty-three percent approved of him.

Remember — ONLY NORTH CAROLINIANS were asked about Tillis and Burr.  ONLY KENTUCKIANS were asked about McConnell and Paul, and so forth and so on.



Here’s  another interesting tidbit on Tillis’s precarious state:

[…] And in North Carolina, Tillis is 2 points underwater, down 3 points since the first quarter of 2019 and 11 points since Trump took office.[…]


For what it’s worth —  I am hearing that the Garland Tucker team is holding “polling briefings” for key groups of people around the state that are inspiring  more and more interest in Mr Tucker.

14 thoughts on “Polling: Tillis the MOST UNPOPULAR Senator in DC

    1. I think so. I’ve always not even thought of owning one, lol! Any of my $20 ones would do him better.

  1. I respectfully suggest that Senator Tillis, if interested in running and being elected in 2020, reach out to each and every NCGOP District Chair and establish a communication line to provide positive issues as his competition is doing. I can reach Mr Tucker, I personally have no direct access to EITHER of our Senators and I mean direct. Craven County thanks the Senator for attending and keynoting our Reagan Day dinner right after being elected. How many years ago was that? As the now Chair of NCGOP District Three I, and my District which put him over the top in 2014 and had a few major donors, rightfully feel very ignored, no abandoned, by both of our Senators. Who do they think “whip” their grassroots workers who GOTV, who place signs, who combat negative media? We do, statewide, and I suggest you start paying attention to the folks who are vested in he grassroots warriors who win elections for the candidates they believe in. My phone is 252-626-8199, my email carl@mischka.us and I want to have an open communication channel with every national and state Candidate running in 2020. Don’t ignore the base while courting your mega-donors as we are equally important.

    1. Hopefully somebody independent of the National puppets at ncgop, say, Dan Forest, have already told the President what is really happening on the ground in NC, versus whatever he was told by the McConnell/shoemaker/RNC pukes. But I think you already know that many counties are rebelling against the.ncgop/jones Street/RNC cabal and going their own way to advance a conservative agenda.

    2. As far as I know he has never stepped foot in Surry County & up until a couple of years ago I was very involved with the Republican Party.

      1. You know, that’s a very interesting observation. Surry is one of the counties of the historically Republican highlands of North Carolina…..and is more critical than ever to getting statewide Republicans elected. In that sense, rural and especially the mountain counties are every bit as important as the Wake and Mecklenburg GOPs, whom along with the national and state establishments, think they’re the only thing that matters. They can’t even deliver their own counties for a lot of their local candidates let alone statewide gop candidates. I’m interested in this idea I’ve been hearing lately, to split the state Party in two to promote and protect the interests of the rural parties. With Wake and especially Mecklenburg county going leftward, I think that may eventually happen as internal divisions intensify.

  2. Old Thom Tillis is not going to be reaching out to anyone. He is a ” Non-Trumper “, has back stabbed President Trump at every turn, and the good People of NC. No, I think old Thom has seen too much of Washington, DC, and needs to see more of the unemployment line. Tillis wasn`t much when he was in North Carolina but, when he went to Washington, he became a zero for Republicans, and a RINO. He would have done better on the Democrat side, that seems to be where his heart is.

    1. I agree Harry King! Thom Tillis caused great Financial Loses for NC Coastal Fishermen in all Coastal Counties!

  3. More people voted for anyone other than Tillis in the Primary and he barely won over a despised Hagan by 1.5%.
    Now his numbers are in the tank and he has a milk toast challenger that will not scare people to vote for him.
    The press will get rolling soon to help NC choose the weakest candidate as they always do.
    The RNC has set up shop in NC as they don’t trust us to manage our own affairs, and the Toe the Line chants have already started as well as the mantra of “republican suicide” being used to goad support.
    Many of this choir long ago failed to realize the suicide has been a slow necrosis of the support of the grass roots who are courted on election cycles. This is why there are so many different Conservative groups , organizations and even a start up political party in NC. The Establishment’s hobble prevents the GR from running away with the show but it has also resulted in a slow death by constriction.
    Grass root activists are not going to wither away. But they are tired of being told how long to hold their nose and march in lock step.
    I am going to make certain every Republican voter in My County understands they have a choice in this primary.
    I am going to make certain every Republican voter in My County understands the potential to loose this seat in the General.
    I am going to remind every Republican voter in My County that it is the Rural counties who deliver Conservatives in this state and we are forgotten in between elections and run over, or our vote intentionally split in primaries.
    As County Chairman I will not promote one over another, but following the lead of our new Treasurer…. as a private citizen I will blow the horn for Tucker.

    Chris Weaver
    Person County

  4. I believe our only chance keep the seat in GOP hands is to promote Garland Tucker out of the primary. Should Tillis survive the primary, even if he should win the general, I firmly believe he will turn Democrat. His actions have shown that his sympathies lie in the liberal camp.

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