The ‘Lady Parts’ Brigade sets its sights on the 2020 Governor’s Race


They got a  Democrat elected governor and a Republican and a Democrat elected senator in North Carolina.  (None of those ended up working out very well.)



They tried to get someone with ‘lady parts’ elected to the Third Congressional District, but THAT didn’t work either.  Now, the ‘Lady Parts’ Brigade stands ready to declare Dan Forest ineligible for the GOP nomination for governor due to his lack of ‘lady parts.’


In addition to practicing on us what she learned in sexual harassment training, state Rep. Holly Grange (R-Wilmington) announced today she’s ready to accept the brigade’s call to service.  She’ll take on Forest for the GOP nomination for North Carolina governor.



Thom Tillis has been accused of lining up Grange as a primary challenger to Forest.  (Tillis has been all over the Washington media denying such.)  



Though, it is interesting that Paul Shumaker — Tillis’s top political adviser– and his associates have been buzzing around DC “whispering” in media ears there about “North Carolina Republican concerns about the quality of candidates for governor” (Translation:  The NCGOPe doesn’t like having Dan Forest as their only choice for governor).



Never mind that many of us on the right and held our noses to elect Pat McCrory and  — TRY — to reelect him.  That’s one of the big differences between the grassroots and the establishment:  We hold our noses and act like team  players.  When they are faced with a conservative as the only choice, they find primary opponents or form ‘Republicans for The Democrat’  groups.



I’ll admit Dan Forest has wasted some opportunities here over the last six to seven years  He could have stepped out more as a conservative leader, but chose to stay in Pat McCrory’s shadow.  A lot of good that did him.



And this relationship with Eric Lindberg,  Robin Hayes’s co-defendant, is a bad thing on so  many levels.  Everyone is fully aware of the details of the Lindberg case.  Yet, Forest is holding on to the millions the guy gave him.



Grange has some troubles that need to be looked at.  She has more in common with Ninth Congressional District Democrat nominee Dan McCready than she does with the average Republican.  She rubs her military background in your face — like he does — and she is a BIG FAN of  taxpayer-subsidized renewable (solar and wind energy)  — like he is.


She and her husband also did business with #1 Hillary Clinton crony Sidney Blumenthal right during the time the whole Benghazi scandal went down.   Their company (see HERE and HERE)  even popped up in the investigation of the Benghazi scandal.



And just like with Tillis, her campaign has made “conservative” her new first name.  The problem is — That is false advertising.  Her Civitas ratings over the last few years have been  consistently mired in the low 70s.  (Ratings in the 90-100 range qualify you as conservative.)


A lot of folks will try to tell us all is well — primaries and choices are good for us.  At the same time, they will try to cram Phil Berger, Jr. and Tamara Barringer down our throats in  the 2020 Supreme Court races.