#ncga: Things that make you say “WHAAAAAAAAAAA ….????”


Um, Ms. Grange? Holly? Um, ma’am?  I don’t think THIS is what the gals had in  mind when they came up with the hashtag #METOO:



There are very strong indications that forces aligned with senator Thom Tillis are guiding state Rep. Holly Grange (R-Wilmington) toward a 2020 gubernatorial primary against Lt. Gov. Dan Forest.

5 thoughts on “#ncga: Things that make you say “WHAAAAAAAAAAA ….????”

  1. Did you hear the boos in Greenville last night when the President called Thom Tillis’ name and the cheers when he introduced Garland Tucker? Sounds like there might be new representation in DC!

  2. Thom Tillis is a RINO plain and simple. Any votes cast for him, except to get him out of office, would be wasted on a person who does not represent the People of North Carolina. Thom Tillis`s number one interest is Thom Tillis, second interest is his big donors, and special interests, third interest is Thom Tillis, and some where on down the list, usually around re-election time, is the People of North Carolina. In Washington, DC there is a cornucopia of examples of politicians that should never have been elected to positions of power. The corruption, greed, lust for power, anti-Americanism, and just about anything vile, and disgusting, you can think of is inside the Beltway of Washington. Lets not bring that to North Carolina, nor should North Carolina send it to Washington, DC, like the disappointments, Richard Burr, and Thom Tillis. We need to clean up our own house before we can clean up our Nation`s house. To the People of North Carolina: Get out there and make it happen.

  3. The citizens cannot rid themselves of reps like Thom Tillis by sitting on the side lines on election day. Apathy is dangerous to this republic. Consider NC senate district 3 in 2018. The conservative candidate lost by 4,000 votes. The Republican senate leadership determined this district was not winnable and therefore did nothing to retain this district. The redistricting placed Beaufort County in a majority democrat district. The reason(s) for this have never been explained. What is really disturbing is that ~16,000 voters in Beaufort County did not take a few minutes to vote for their and their fellow citizens best interest. 4,000 of these citizens could have made the outcome different.

    President Trump in praising Tillis in Greenville said Tillis was a strong supporter in the last three months. What about the last three years? I agree with Harry King. Tillis needs go. He is not one of us and there is no path for him to become one of us.

  4. Holly Grange carpetbagged down here from the north not long before the establishment handed her that legislative seat. She has been in the liberal wing of the party in the legislature. She is not electable for governor, and is Roy Cooper’s secret weapon to hang on to the governor’s mansion. There is not a dimes worth of difference between Cooper and Grange. Hopefully she will just be cannon fodder for Forest as he rolls over her in the primary, but I am afraid she will try to do Cooper’s dirty work by trying to trash Forest in the primary.

    Damnyankee go home!

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