Politico paints a bullseye on Boss Bev






Politico, the DC-based political web site, says the 2012 race for governor is the SECOND most competitive in the nation:

Two public polls found Republican Pat McCrory with single-digit leads over Gov. Bev Perdue, who continues to hang tough despite a stubborn economy and strands of dissatisfaction within the Democratic base. The former Charlotte mayor also signaled he would delay his formal announcement until the beginning of next year, allowing him to float under the radar, raise money and quietly cobble together support without facing the day-to-day scrutiny of a full-fledged candidate. If he can pull it off, it’s a smart strategy for someone who wants this race to be a clean referendum on Perdue’s first term.

Who won October: McCrory

Latest poll: McCrory 47 percent, Perdue 42 percent (Public Policy Polling, Sept. 30-Oct. 3, 760 voters)