Plaintiff’s lawyers fire back at Truitt’s smear tactics

It’s an old, old, old trick by statists and government types.  Any government employee who dares to speak up about perceived problems is to be slandered or libeled into professional exile.  Make them so radioactive that NO ONE will ever hire them again.

NC DPI superintendent Catherine Truitt, an alleged Republican, has taken public shots at a former teacher at the NC Governor’s School who claims he was fired for criticizing CRT:

[…]“We have instructors who sit in various places along the political spectrum, as it should be. Nobody would be let go from their position if they were genuinely providing a learning environment that was engaging and open. That is not what this former temporary employee did,” Truitt wrote. “Instead, as the facts will show, this person made students very uncomfortable, belittled them, used racial slurs, and even brought some students to tears, all without allowing for any discussion or open dialogue as required by NC DPI. That is not what we should expect of any person in authority, particularly someone teaching inside a classroom.”[…]

Wow.  Playing the race card.  A woke leftist couldn’t have pulled off this hit job any better.

The former teacher’s legal team – as they should – has back-handed Princess for her cheap shots at their client:

[…] This week, Alliance Defending Freedom said Truitt’s letter “completely misses the mark.”

“False allegations aside, Dr. Phillips was fired after simply presenting an alternative perspective during optional seminars, something the Governor’s School claims to promote,” Hal Frampton, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, wrote in an emailed statement to The N&O.

“For example, in his final optional seminar, Dr. Phillips presented a critique of ideological bias in higher education. The superintendent’s letter even states that ‘we should welcome all types of thoughts and perspectives inside the sessions,’ but that is not what happened when Dr. Phillips attempted to provide intellectual diversity on campus.”[…] 

Truitt is on record praising a “framework” from The National Equity Project which is, essentially CRT (critical race theory).  She also has the wife of CRT-loving Roy Cooper’s chief education advisor running the governor’s school.  

Will the NCGOP establishment be seriously backing this horrid leftist bureaucrat in her reelection bid for the top NC DPI post? How would a Democrat be significantly worse than HER?