Pinehurst Village Council: They’re not as old as they look

I may have overreached in my quip about Tuesday’s election knocking up the average age of Pinehurst’s governing body. I was thinking mainly about the replacement of that young whippersnapper Mark Parson with retirees John Strickland and John Cashion.

A member of the council — apparently somewhat sensitive to my reference to age — contacted me with some info about ages of current and incoming council members. If my source’s info is correct — and I have no reason to doubt its accuracy — Mayor Ginsey is older than I thought she was, and Joan Thurman is nowhere near as old as I thought she was.  John Cashion is also significantly younger than I thought he was.

So, there may have been a slight downward adjustment in the group’s average age on Tuesday.  That still doesn’t lessen the sting of losing our only too-young-for-AARP representative on the council.

But I do have one more parting thought on this subject.  I understand — from a village hall source — that there has been some heated discussion among council members about whether to hold evening meetings.  The main argument by council members opposed to evening meetings is that 7PM is too late to be out and about on the town.

If you think being out and about at 7PM is too late, you ARE old.    ; )