Phil Berger works a little TOO well with labor unions

We’ve expressed some concern about the rush by senator Phil Berger and speaker Tim Moore and their cronies to ram through approval of casinos throughout North Carolina.  We’ve explored concerns  from the family values angle, the economics angle, and from the threat of organized labor expanding its footprint in North Carolina. Casinos do tend to bring along an increased organized labor presence wherever they go.

*Nonsense, some may argue.  Our “conservative” legislative leaders wouldn’t sell out to organized labor, would they?*

Let’s travel back in The Haymaker wayback machine™ to 2015.  At that time, senator Phil Berger connected with none other than The Teamsters to fight a decision by MillerCoors to close a plant in Berger’s home county. Berger even went as far as asking Thom Tillis to start an inquiry from DC.