Phil Berger hops on the Tillis ‘love train’


How trés disappointing:




“A record of achieving results” ????  Hitler had one of those TOO.  (They weren’t very positive or uplifting results, but he got results.)



“Working WITH Senator Berger” ????   It was actually more like Speaker Tillis and Governor McCrory ganging up on Senator Berger and his leadership team.  (Berger and his team wanted to spend less money.  Tillis and McCrory wanted more.)



See THIS,  THIS,  THIS, THIS, and THIS.   (For starters.)



Perhaps the senator is doing this to help secure a Supreme Court seat for his ne’er do-well son (who would likely be welcoming you to Wal-Mart if his daddy wasn’t president pro tem of the state senate).



It’s amazing how these incumbents run to protect each other.  Tillis, in a New York minute, would get behind a primary challenge to Phil Berger, Jr.  or senior.  He’d never pull something like this on someone else’s behalf.  Though, how many people are asking HIM for his endorsement?


9 thoughts on “Phil Berger hops on the Tillis ‘love train’

  1. Senator Berger is easily the best legislative leader NC has had in the last 50 years.

    Of course, some people are unhappy with his endorsement of Tillis, just like they criticized President Trump for the same thing.

    Usually the same people who back media creations like Garland Tucker and Ted “Teddy bears for illegals” Cruz.

    Not voting for Tillis but both the President and our NC Senate leader have earned the support and respect of ALL conservative patriots who call NC home.

    1. So I guess you are so bright and Ted Cruz has everyone else fooled

      Heritage Action
      Sen. Ted Cruz – Session Score 98% Lifetime Score 91%
      Thom The Terrible Tillis – Session Score 96% (Election year) But Lifetime score 67% … F rated

      Conservative Review
      Sen. Ted Cruz 80% B rating used to be a “A”
      Thom The Terrible Tillis 36% F rating and was a F back when Cruz was still “A’ rated

      Sen. Ted Cruz – Current Score 90% and Lifetime score of 89% a “B+” rating
      Thom The Terrible Tillis – Current Score 50% and Lifetime score of 58% another “F” Rating

      So if you have to pick a conservative who would you pick ?

      And Garland really does not have to try hard to end up with results much better than Mr. Terrible himself Tills

  2. This is a fascinating development for multiple reasons….

    1. The Caswell County Republicans whose county is represented by Berger have already made their disdain for Tillis pretty clear, at least on social media, and I’ve a feeling that a fair number of folks in Rockingham County with similar sentiment may have some pointed comments for Mr. Berger.

    2. Somebody wanted Berger’s endorsement pretty bad to have obtained it WAY before Primary day, and I have a feeling that it’s got to do with the fact that the Establishment crowd is catching on that a lot of county Republican leaders are beginning to line up behind Tucker.

    3. With respect to number 2, Mr. Berger as a member of the State ExComm is openly violating the POO, about which you aren’t going to hear a peep from the NCGOP, but he just opened the door for every other member of the ExComm to openly endorse whomever.

    4. If he’s annoyed a significant chunk of conservatives with this endorsement, (and assuming Brant’s supposition about his motive to help his son is on target), he may have achieved just the opposite result. And unless Berger Jr, gets a primary challenge, we could lose a pickup of a supreme court seat as a result.

  3. In my discussions with various state leaders, it seems as if they don’t care for anyone “rocking” the GOP boat. The status quo is just fine, so don’t raise any issues – such as accountability. Everything is fine; nothing to see here.

    It’s rather perplexing to me. But, I guess one has to work on Jones Street to fully understand?

    1. Trying to jam Tillis down our throats is going to mean losing this seat to a Democrat. The only way to keep this seat in GOP hands is to find a candidate that our base can support, and that candidate is not Thom Tillis. Too much of the base has TIllis figured out and wants no part of him.

      Berger has been going soft for the last few years, and this misfire is just the later example. That is sad, because when he first took his leadership position, he was great.

      The convention showed the favoritism to Tillis, with Tillis being given two speaking slots and none for either of his primary opponents. So much for the party not taking sides in primaries.

  4. Are the derogatory comments concerning Phil Berger Jr. really necessary? Jr. has worked really hard to get the recognition he has now….without his Dad paving the way. The core of the Rockingham County Party does not favor Tillis, but are willing to listen. .……to Garland Tucker and Sandy Smith!

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