Phil Berger hops on the Tillis ‘love train’


How trés disappointing:




“A record of achieving results” ????  Hitler had one of those TOO.  (They weren’t very positive or uplifting results, but he got results.)



“Working WITH Senator Berger” ????   It was actually more like Speaker Tillis and Governor McCrory ganging up on Senator Berger and his leadership team.  (Berger and his team wanted to spend less money.  Tillis and McCrory wanted more.)



See THIS,  THIS,  THIS, THIS, and THIS.   (For starters.)



Perhaps the senator is doing this to help secure a Supreme Court seat for his ne’er do-well son (who would likely be welcoming you to Wal-Mart if his daddy wasn’t president pro tem of the state senate).



It’s amazing how these incumbents run to protect each other.  Tillis, in a New York minute, would get behind a primary challenge to Phil Berger, Jr.  or senior.  He’d never pull something like this on someone else’s behalf.  Though, how many people are asking HIM for his endorsement?