Part-time job, very big bucks


Ever wonder what all of those people in the legislative building pull down each year?  WELL, the N&O has finally done something useful and created a database of legislative staff salaries.  The General Assembly is a part-time entity.  It is not supposed to meet year-round.  But you have staffers making what would be a VERY generous salary for a FULL-time job.  Click here to search by name.  (Yes, it IS tax money.)

Remember David Capen in this story?  He heads up a political consulting firm while working as “policy director” for Majority Leader John Bell.   He makes $51,056 a year for his “policy director”, um, “work.”

Interestingly, there is also a Rachel Capen on the General Assembly payroll.  She’s a “House Legislative Clerk.”   No word on whether there is any relation.