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NC-03: ‘Women For Trump’ stump for Greg Murphy

  Some ladies who really really really love our president are touring the Third Congressional District in support of US House candidate Greg Murphy (R).  Murphy is facing off against fellow Republican Joan Perry for the GOP nomination to replace the late Walter Jones in…

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#ncpol : Tucker for Senate off to rocky start

  Garland Tucker is a lucky man.  He’s going up against arguably one of the most despised human beings on the planet Earth.  Otherwise, the early missteps of his campaign staff might have placed him in an inescapable hole before the 2020 US Senate fight…

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NC-09: Club For Growth takes aim at Leigh Brown, too.

  Stony Rushing is getting some company in the sights of The Club for Growth.  The DC-based conservative group, which has endorsed Dan Bishop in this race, is now turning its fire on Concord realtor Leigh Brown:   Club for Growth Action has released a…

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Folwell calls Jones Street’s bluff, advances transparency for state health plan

  Legislators and the deep-pocketed paymasters in the hospital lobby tried to tie state treasurer Dale Folwell’s hands on reforming the state health plan.  They succeeded in getting HB184 through the House, but there has been  no action in the Senate.     Meanwhile, Folwell…

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#ncpol: Oh, look. A PUSH poll.

    We told you earlier about forces very very very very close to Thom Tillis trying to organize a primary challenge to Lt. Gov. Dan Forest in next year’s gubernatorial race.  Well, someone has already gotten  started with a push poll that appears to…

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#ncpol: Thom, meet Garland.

  We told you about this some time ago.   Now, it appears the big moment is upon us.  Retired Raleigh financier Garland Tucker is stepping forward this week as a GOP primary challenger to special-interest-cash-whore Thom Tillis.     The Tucker campaign has acquired…

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NC-09: Oh, look. A poll.

  The  drive by media is making a YUGE deal out of a poll of The Ninth District GOP primary by Public Policy Polling (PPP) that got regurgitated nationally by Hotline.  Naturally,  I am dubious of anything PPP puts out.     First,  it is…

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NC-09: Dan & Stony, a budding bro-mance

  The fireworks in the special election for the Ninth Congressional District seem to be relegated to the campaigns of Union County commissioner Stony Rushing (R) and state senator Dan Bishop (R-Charlotte).   Early voting is already underway.  Election day is May 14.   What…

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NC-03: Look what came in the mail! (Two days LATE, of course.)

“Free” must be a synonym for “High” in certain social circles. Anyway, Dr. Kevin Baiko, one of the 17 candidates for the Third District, got this thought-provoking mailer promoting his candidacy out to Third District mailboxes on Thursday.  The problem?  The election was on TUESDAY….

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NC-03: One big B.S. toss

  (And NO, I’m not talking about a bachelor’s of science.)   We’re down to Two in the battle to pick a nominee for the Third Congressional District.  The primary was a tough thing for me and the rest of us here at the site….