Our PoS senator Burr: Trump to blame for Capitol “riots”


It seems like “great minds”– Richard Burr, the dumbest man in the Senate and Greg Murphy, arguably the House’s dumbest  —  think alike.  They didn’t directly witness anything.  They haven’t bothered to wait for the facts from law enforcement.  They’ve just piled on President Trump:


North Carolina Republican U.S. Senator Richard Burr says the blame for the protests in Washington D.C. Wednesday lies with President Trump.


Burr says, “For nearly 250 years, our nation’s commitment to the peaceful transition of power has been the shining hallmark of our democracy. Today, America’s core principles were threatened by those seeking to forcibly stop our electoral process and overturn the results of a presidential election with which they disagreed.


“Let me be clear: these actions are not a defense of this country, but an attack on it.


“I supported President Trump’s legal right to contest the election results through the courts, but the courts have now unanimously and overwhelmingly rejected these suits. No evidence of voter fraud has emerged that would warrant overturning the 2020 election. The President bears responsibility for today’s events by promoting the unfounded conspiracy theories that have led to this point. It is past time to accept the will of American voters and to allow our nation to move forward.

“Congress will uphold its constitutional duty and certify the results of the election.”[…]



I wonder how Dummy’s insider trading probe is going?  Did Washington insiders kill it off as fast as they’ve killed off the 2020 election probe? (CAN’T WAIT for this idiot to get off the public dime.)

8 thoughts on “Our PoS senator Burr: Trump to blame for Capitol “riots”

  1. Just proves that Burr has been a closet Democrat/RINO for years. He did nothing to help any Republican in the last election, never blamed Democrats for violent riots all year, and now tries to curry favor with Biden to protect his ass by dumping on Trump. No wonder he was John McCain’s best friend in the senate. What a waste of a senate seat.

  2. Why do I still have a R on my voter registration ? someone please tell me I would like to know

  3. Please start a petition or whatever process is needed for impeachment or recall of any member of the NC Congressional delegate who has not made an effort to stop the fraudulent 2020 election. Especially our two RINO senators. Simply the effort by citizens will get attention, even if our spineless NCGA remains in hiding. Includes the tyrant Cooper. Let’s also call for the use of Nullification and Secession to counteract the left. Our federal and state constitutions are largely ignored by both parties. This makes them essentially null and void. Why follow any laws if the most important ones are ignored by the people we elect to represent us?

  4. Burr and Tillis and 95 percent of the politicians in the Republican Party are a joke. Hopefully their loss in Georgia will birth out a new party. To blindly elect these fools year after year is the definition of insanity.

  5. Don’t like the way elected NC GOP officials behave? What can you do about it? Start by running their like minded friends OUT of precinct and county Chairmanships next month and March. Elect people who will commit to running off the current State Chairman who is all about Thom Tillis and precious little else, and making sure à clone doesn’t take his place. There’s a reason boys and girls, why Tillis and the RNC go to great lengths to keep a real conservative out of the Chairmanship. And they are aided and abetted by entirely too many county and district chairs. One of these district chairs has been one since 2011 (way too long) and she has been instrumental in inflicting harm upon the Party in the form of first, Robin Hayes, and now, a DC lobbyist.

  6. Why didn’t our NC GOP blast Cooper for his attack on Trump this week? Deafening silence. A bunch of frauds at state party headquarters. And everyday I get an email from them begging money to fight the liberals! Insanity.

  7. I strongly support the recall of Tillis and Burr. Both are no better than their democrat friends. The National gop supported both of these RINOS in their bids for re-election. I think our state GOP are all closet Democrats. Actually, most of those who have the letter “R” behind their names have in fact, become voting members of the Uniparty. Not one whit of a difference in the two parties on anything. Their attacks on our President Trump are ongoing because both parties hate someone who tries to keep their campaign promises. The American people trust Trump and have declared that trust by voting for him. It sets the establishment politicians off to have a newcomer overthrow the ingrained system. With the total capitulation of the RINOS we now either have to go with one party, or decide to form another one. I am greatly on favor of forming another one.

  8. Are you willing to prostitute yourself to get out of jail Senator Burr? You and your never Trumper
    milquetoasts will be remembered.

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