Oh, look. J6 surveillance tapes.

These got promised to us by Kevin McCarthy almost a year ago. We got less than a handful.  Tucker put them on the air, all hell broke loose, and you know the rest of the story.

In less than a month, new speaker Mike Johnson has done what McCarthy could not (or did not want to) do in almost a year.  There is now a congressionally-hosted website chock full of tape from the US Capitol and its grounds dated January 6, 2021.   There’s no way of knowing whether this is ALL of them. But it IS a lot more than what has been shared with us up until now. It’s a lot more than the Adam Schiff-Liz Cheney sham-scam J6 committee showed us.

This all may be just a diversion — *”Oh, look! A Shiny object!” — to distract us from the horrible mess in DC.  Like the continuing resolution (a/k/a deficit spending), the votes for the new FBI HQ, the failure to censure Rashida Tlaib, or to impeach DHS’s Alejandro Mayorkas — just to name a few items. 

Much of this footage has been featured in the alternative media already.  Though there are some interesting new items.  Here are two Capitol police officers handling a handcuffed “suspect.”  They are seen making sure that no one is watching before un-cuffing the “suspect” and exchanging fist-bumps with him.  Undercover infiltrator / troublemaker / instigator, anyone?

I’ve heard from some Capitol Hill types who respond to this with hands-in-the-air and a ‘What can we do about this?’ vibe.

Keep this out there and IN EVERYONE’S FACE. Stop the liars in the alleged *mainstream* media from continuing to paint this as Trump supporters trying to overthrow democracy.  It’s becoming more and more clear that there was some undercover encouragement and instigating going on.

Nearly three years later, the FBI is still harassing people for standing in a building or on the Capitol lawn.  People are still sitting in jail uncharged and / or waiting for a hearing.  Meanwhile, riots instigated by BLM and Antifa on behalf of Hamas are tearing up our cities – resulting in barely a handful of arrests.

It’s shockingly easy for a few people to influence a larger number of people.  Ever been to a football or basketball game?  Ever see what the cheerleaders and / or student sections manage to pull off?

In my undergrad days, some friends and I used to antagonize our very left-wing university president during his speeches.  We’d wait for the most inappropriate points in his speech, and then all stand up with a rousing, roaring standing ovation.  Scores and scores and scores of our fellow audience members would slowly but surely join us — obviously worried about staying seated and looking, um, *bad. *

I can’t think of a time where our little stunt didn’t work beautifully.

During The Cold War, the KGB and the East German Stasi perfected crowd incitement beautifully.  They could quickly, covertly and easily turn a peaceful demonstration into a violent melee — with a handful of undercover provocateurs.  Thereby justifying a lot of cracked skulls and jailings.  I think Obama and Hillary’s hero, Saul Alinsky, even praised tactics like this.

One day, we’ll manage to clean up the US Department of Justice and the FBI.  In the meantime, we need to shine as many lights as we can on their politically-oriented mischief.