Oh, hell. Miz Laura is BACK !!!

It wasn’t long ago that the nation was exposed to WRAL-TV superstar Laura Leslie’s social media activity. The Jones Street / politics correspondent made it clear what she thought of Christians, Republicans, Donald Trump, Sean Hannity and other conservatives.

Once her postings went public, Miz Laura got real scarce. Now, WRAL has her back on the politics beat — as an alleged objective observer.  (Hell, I wouldn’t want her friends in the gay mafia after me, either.)

Well, she apparently didn’t learn her lesson from the first go-’round.  (Or perhaps her bosses at WRAL don’t give a rip.) Here is some of Miz Laura’s latest on Facebook: 













And blaming the Orlando night club shootings on North Carolina Christians ISN’T?  (Spending your day playing in the Jones Street press room with the FUBAR bar ISN’T?)

Well, her vicious hit pieces on the Goodmons’ political enemies SURE ought to be embarrassing. 

4 thoughts on “Oh, hell. Miz Laura is BACK !!!

  1. I think it is good that Hannity may be a disgrace to “journalism”. Since that “profession” has become known as a place for propaganda and promoting the democrat/socialist/progressive talking points the disgrace moniker can be worn as a badge of honor.

  2. Ohhhh now I remember! This woman is why I stopped watching WRAL about 10 years ago!!! Thanks, Haymaker.

  3. Hannity never taints himself with the moniker of “journalist”.

    He leaves that to the biased, unhinged, propagandizing, agenda-driven folks that Jim Goodmon hires. People like the incredibly terrible “journalist”, Laura Leslie.

    Look in a mirror, sweetie, if you dare.

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