Monkey Business Report: “Education” Lottery edition

Silly us.  We got told that this state lottery was going to fulfill all public education funding needs.  That’s what we get for believing what we’re told from Raleigh: 

Politicians and policy analysts clashed Tuesday over school construction costs and who should pay.

The rural-urban skirmish over state tax dollars dominated the hourlong debate into whether reform is needed in distribution of state lottery money and sales taxes, the role state and local bonds should play, and other funding mechanisms to build and repair school facilities.[…]

The panelists agreed state lottery funds dedicated to education should return to 40 percent, where they were before the Great Recession in 2006, when money was shifted to other areas of the budget. Education funding is now about 21 percent of lottery proceeds.[…] 

Why not 80 or 90 percent ???

If Americans only own 21% of a company’s stock, can you really call it “American”?  If girls make up only 21% of a school’s enrollment, can you call it a “girls’ school?  If you are growing stuff on 21% of your property ONLY, can you really call it a FARM?

This is about truth in advertising.  The  Federal Trade Commision probes companies all the time for less than honest claims.  Perhaps they should come down to Raleigh and take a gander at Jones Street and the Lottery Commission.