North Carolina’s Ellmers & Coble two of John Boehner’s “100 loyal soldiers”

ellmers boehner


GOP House speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell have — in their ongoing negotiations with President Barry — been quite busy trashing the GOP platform plank opposing tax increases.  GOP leaders in both congressional chambers have conceded to Obama’s class warfare rhetoric and signed on to targeted tax increases.
Senate Republicans have behaved like good little sheep, following McConnell toward the slaughterhouse.  In the House, rank-and-file Republicans have been putting up some resistance to this surrender on taxes.   The Hill newspaper has found that House Speaker Boehner has only “100 loyal soldiers” he can count on to deliver votes in favor of tax-hike legislation.  North Carolina’s Howard Coble (R-6th) and Renee Ellmers (R-2nd) both made the list of 100 Republicans who have stuck with Boehner on every one of his tax-hike offers during the fiscal cliff hubbub. NO SOUTH CAROLINA LEGISLATORS MADE THE LIST.  

It’s no surprise that Ellmers is so loyal to Boehner — a man she described in a March 2012 interview with The Daily Haymaker as her “boss.”   Ellmers is frequently described in the mainstream media as a doyenne of The Tea Party Movement.  However, in May, Ellmers was complaining to the op-ed page of our local Nobel Prize-winning, thrice weekly, maintained-by-Tibetan-monks magnum opus about Tea Partiers berating her for compromising on taxes and spending.

Let’s see.  Renee sold out social conservatives on gay marriage and the state constitutional amendment.  In 2011, she sold out the fiscal conservatives on raising the debt ceiling.  She’s performed an encore by standing firm with her “boss”  John Boehner and his boss Barry Obama in this latest effort to jack up taxes and spending, and accelerate the nation’s decline.