NO, Nancy & Ray are NOT MOVING to Greensboro


To all of you Moore County campaign operatives who read this blog religiously, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY.

I have had several emails and calls from people today expressing sentiments along the line of:  “That’s outrageous!  How can she run for mayor of Pinehurst when she’s moving to Greensboro???”

“She” is Nancy Roy Fiorillo, candidate for mayor of Pinehurst.

Operatives for other mayoral and council campaigns sounded off to me.  (One Fiorillo supporter was so upset she wanted to get her campaign contribution refunded.)

As far as I know, Nancy and Ray Fiorillo are very happy with Pinehurst and plan to stay a while.

What got all of this started?  It was this earlier post on our fine little blog.  I excerpted a fun light-hearted blog post from The Greensboro News & Record musing about “Nancy Roy” and “Nancy Fiorillo.” WAY TOO MANY readers of our blog failed to notice the year 2008 attached to the post. The Greensboro item was written when Fiorillo took a temporary, interim position in Greensboro that year.

So, now THAT is cleared up.  Let’s move on ….


2 thoughts on “NO, Nancy & Ray are NOT MOVING to Greensboro

  1. Brant – as the nuns used to tell me in school. When you tell something that isn’t true it’s like opening a feather pillow and shaking it into the wind. You’ve got a lot of feathers to pick up Brant!

  2. Okay. So, are you calling me a liar, or am I misunderstanding you?
    Ray, the purpose of this post was to clear up a misunderstanding in the community. People apparently read my first post excerpting the 2008 Greensboro blog, and assumed it was from 2011. Nancy mentioned in that 2008 blog post she was looking for a short-term rental in Greensboro. So, if you disregarded the 2008 date I posted or just ignored it, it looks like she was talking about moving there now. I tried to clear the record on your and Nancy’s behalf. And it appears my efforts have resulted in you calling me names.

    This blog offers more of an opportunity — than any other forum in the community — for the free and clear exchange of ideas. If you believe I have stated something that is false, you have the opportunity to post an item correcting me and offering up the more accurate information. We strive for accuracy here. We’re not perfect — just like you and Nancy. Sometimes we do make a mistake. But when we do — we like to correct it ASAP.

    Please give me details about what you think I’ve said that is “untrue.” If you have a valid point, I will apologize and correct myself. Instead of name-calling, let’s communicate — exchange ideas. I think it is very important to get the most valid info as possible out there to the voters before election day.

    By the way — while we’re talking about the nuns — What would they have had to say about name-calling?

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