Newspaper work is HARD



I think we’ve established that our local Oscar-winning thrice-weekly newspaper has some real difficulty with reporting the facts.   Now, it appears that they’re  challenged by things like — oh — getting the names of local leaders right, or even properly spelling the surnames of their newsroom employees.

On Wednesday,  The Pilot ran a story identifying Moore County commissioner Nick Picerno as “Joe Picerno.”  Moore County native NICK Picerno has been a successful businessman in Moore County for some time, and was first elected to the board in 2008.  He even took a turn as chairman of the county board.  NICK Picerno will be up for reelection on the November ballot.

What’s most amazing is that the error came in a story written by the reporter who regularly covers county board meetings.  Who knows where “Joe” came from?  None of the current county commissioners is named Joe. 

Apparently,  the frustration over copy-editing failures extends to The Pilot’s newsroom staff.  I was checking out the online version of The Pilot a few days ago, when I noticed the first comment posted at the end of a story written by newsroom intern Andrew Soboiero.  The author of the comment was the reporter, himself:

SIGH.  When will my name be spelled correctly?

Rest easy, Mr. Picerno.  Andrew feels your pain.