#NCSEN: Tillis slams Cruz

thomhandsWell, all of you folks who held your nose in the 2014 US Senate race — look at what you got: 

[…] Afterward, in a fiery floor speech Friday, Cruz accused McConnell of telling a “flat-out lie” by shifting his plans to move the bank measure.

Republicans were taken aback, noting that the Senate has rules barring members from impugning the integrity of another senator — much less a party leader.

“I think it was a violation of the rules,” said Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.). “It’s not how you treat a colleague regardless of how you feel.”

Tillis and several other GOP senators said Cruz’s rhetoric backfired.

“Generally speaking,” Tillis said, senators declined to give him a roll-call vote because they disapproved of his name-calling and the risky precedent his tactics would set if he were successful in forcing a vote. .[…]

And THIS is coming from the same guy who took such great pleasure in dressing down and trying to humiliate Robert Brawley on the floor of the North Carolina House ???

Go back and read the transcript of Cruz’s remarks.  Watch the video. The guy spoke the truth.

Oh, and this bunch also couldn’t even pass a measure to defund ObamaCare.  Weren’t we all told happy days would be here again — only if we could get a GOP Senate? 

Folks, Big Government  country club, Rockefeller Republicanism OWNS DC.  We put these people in power in 2010 and 2014 to dramatically change the place.  And now, they’re playing the same games the other guys did and are laughing at us just like the other guys did.  Pathetic. 

29 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Tillis slams Cruz

  1. Oh boy, another repeal obamacare vote, what a loss. Maybe it’s time to move on from cruz’s childish tactics.

    1. If you meant your response as sarcasm then I misread your comment but if you are serious I ask did you watch the whole speech ??? I am guessing you did not cause I cannot understand how this speech would be considered childish


    2. Dennis Laughlin…..Sen Cruz’s comments were needed a long time ago. No one has stated that Cruz is wrong.

    3. Let’s just sit back and let them run over us. Tillis fits in with the establishment, which is destroying the Republic. They worry about following rules, but not the Constitution.

    4. I am more concerned about sleazy tactics, which we see way too much of from the so-called GOP leaders in Congress, who are more collaborators with Obama than they are supporters of Republican principles. Their poodles like Tillis are just as pathetic.

      What we saw from Ted Cruz was principled tactics, something we need more of.

      This is how dire the situation is getting in the Senate:

      We have a Senate majority that is not on our side. We need to do something about that, and in North Carolina we need to start with Richard Burr.

  2. Voting for the lesser of evils is getting conservatives nowhere. McCrory and Tillis are prime examples. They despise conservatives except on election day. When will true conservatives quit being suckers for the liberal Republican Establishment?

    1. With every vote where men are involved, we will ALWAYS be voting for the lesser of evils. ALWAYS!!

  3. I wish someone would do a survey of the republicans at the luncheon to have them answer the questions of if they heard this exchange between Cruz and McConnell and if Cruz had a factual speech ?
    “I think it was a violation of the rules,” said Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.). “It’s not how you treat a colleague regardless of how you feel.”

    no one should be able to attack Cruz over this speech unless Cruz lied in his FACTS…. So far nothing I have read has challenged facts in the speech just the forum he used to deliver it. The Truth is what is important and it seems like the rules needs to be changed if they do not allow Truth to challenge Evil on the Senate Floor

    1. Absolutely well said. Clearly Tillis us in support of covering lies. I think he needs to think that through more clearly. Truth should be the supreme pursuit in elected representatives. A Senator or Congressman or President does not repent m represent me if he is misrepresenting his position by deceit. That’s a lie. Cruz did right. BTW Cruz had no reason to speak Ill about Trump, Trump was speaking the truth.

  4. Tillis was at the same luncheon that Cruz spoke about and does not dispute what Senator Cruz reported that McConnell said. Tillis just wants to shoot the messenger who reports McConnell’s duplicity. Tillis is not upset that McConnell lied to help the Democrats. He is upset that Senator Cruz exposed it..Tillis was one of those lied to, but that does not upset him. He just wants to sweep really sleazy politics under the rug.

    The refusal of a roll call vote was to protect the liberal Republicans who were voting for the Democrat position, and that is shameful.

    Listen to Senator Cruz’s speech. He said what needed to be said and nothing more.

    As to insults on the Senate floor this is not one. There have been some doozies in the past like the one made by Senator Sumner a few years before the War Between the States against a South Carolina Senator, which caused the SC Senator’s nephew, a Congressman, to come onto the Senate floor and severely beat Sumner with a cane, permanently injuring Sumner..

    What a total sleazebag we have as a US Senate leader, at least as bad as Harry Reid. And what a total sleazebag we have as a Senator from our own state. Disgusting.

  5. What else can we expect when people tow the party line and vote for the candidate that has zero knowledge of the Constitution and therefore has no fundamental values when it comes to policy? NC voted the wrong man in. Greg Brannon is an expert on the Constitution and that was his platform. We would have had a man in office that would have fought for our liberties instead of this guy who is all about party and nothing about principles.



    1. While no one can dispute Brannon’s understanding of the Constitution, he was a flawed candidate–too touchy about criticism, too preachy and dealing with a lawsuit. But, that is not to say that he could not reinvent himself, take a page out of Trump’s playbook and come back with a succinct, “outsider”, charismatic message. But where the hell is he now when things are so off the rails and the Constitution is dead?!! Nowhere to be found. Speaks volumes.

      1. He’s very much out in the open, with all due respect. He’s still speaking, on the radio weekly, and is currently running a kick starter campaign to produce a TV show. He’s not a hard man to find.

  6. Tillis is NC’s own newest obama RINO lapdog. What ya get for your selling your soul there Tommy?

  7. Makes me all the more proud that as a Republican I put principles before Party and wrote in John Rhodes for US Senate. I will never again vote for the lesser of two evils, including the upcoming 2016 Presidential election. The GOP better nominate a Constitutional Conservative if they want to have a chance of taking the White House. Otherwise, the GOP can go the way of the Whigs.

  8. Here we go again.

    Where was the animosity toward Thom Thillis during the primary? We had an excellent candidate in Greg Brannon but he got little support.

    The time to get mad is during the primary.

    1. Where is Brannon now??! Why is Forest not challenging McCrory? Anyone!!??Governorship and Senate seat are ripe for picking and yet we offer up no one.

  9. Pointing out someone lied is against the rules but lying isn’t — is there any better description of why we are in the shape we are in today.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

  10. I suspect that Sen. Tillis as with Representative Ellmers had the “rookie brief” by the (entrenched) leadership to tow the line in order to receive the financial support in their re-election campaigns. Again, I am speculating but I tend to believe that is the case with our weak knee’d senator and congresswoman.

  11. We gave the Republicans one of the biggest landslides ever in the mid terms (including Tillis over Hagan). Now, they are acting like Democrats in congress!
    Boehner-McConnell or Reid-Pelosi, what’s the difference?
    Now, the Senate Republicans are puking their pabulum because Ted Cruz has the cajones to call McConnell out.

  12. Progressive Republicans are the key to getting President Obama’s programs passed in both Congress and in state legislatures like North Carolina. Progressive Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Tim Moore are not ideologically that different from Progressive Democrats. Not only do we in the hard core environmental movement make alliances for our policy, but so do other progressives pushing other parts of the President’s agenda. It is amazing what we have accomplished dealing with Republican majorities in both Washington and Raleigh. They eat out of our hands.

    But the real key is the lobbyists / consultants / PR guys. Getting the progressive Republicans in those positions on our side has been what has made it all happen. Many in NC know about our hard core environmental movement paying big money to progressive Republican consultants Dee Stewart and Paul Shumaker that was essential in getting President Obama’s green energy policies through the NC General Assembly, but most don’t know there are progressive Republicans in similar positions in Washington, DC equally willing to sell their souls for a nice pile of Benjamins.

    And when you see Richard Burr voting progressive again and again for President Obama’s agenda, just remember who his consultant is. Paul Shumaker.

  13. Tillis is a master at double speak. What a disappointment since he is getting his marching orders from Tricky Dick Burr.

  14. “he is getting his marching orders from Tricky Dick Burr.”
    Or rather, they are both getting their marching orders from that spineless Obama Butt Kisser, Mitch McConnell.
    When Senate conservatives proposed amendments to defund Planned Parenthood and Kate’s Law (regarding Kate Steinle, murdered in San Francisco by a five times deported illegal alien), Burr and Tillis were hiding under their desks!
    Must be they had “spine removal surgery” as well. Shame on them!

  15. After all of the above, we cannot avoid the conclusion that the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature of the United States are now aligned and in solidarity with one another against WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    We are not left with many viable options. The GOP has perfected the art of ‘losing’. And part of that strategy of losing-to-sustain their Beltway perks, is to destroy any viable internal opposition, to wit, Ted Cruz.
    Unless we break out of this death spiral, we will see the GOP-Democrat cartel solidify in 2016 and become everything our Founders feared.
    Scuttle the Grand Old Party and stand up the Grand New Party, one that is purpose built to sustain a Republic. Do it before the primaries. Rally round Ted Cruz, who is the only one in the pack with more than a room temperature level of intellect and understanding of how a republic must function.
    Nothing changes, if nothing changes …

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