#ncsen: Thom Tillis “likes” “parts” of ObamaCare

waitWe’re getting hit with all kinds of ads blasting Kay Hagan for her support of ObamaCare.  Hagan = ObamaCare, the signs and ads scream at us.  But GOP nominee Thom Tillis is presenting problems for his partisans by being all over the map on the issue.

He went along with the NCGA effort  — albeit kicking and screaming — to block Medicaid expansion, a key component of ObamaCare.  After escaping the GOP primary, Tillis has moved left to meet up with Charlotte-area ally Pat McCrory on expanding Medicaid. 

Now, Speaker Thom tells WRAL that ObamaCare is not completely bad: 

“I think, if a vote came to the Senate floor to repeal ‘Obamacare,’ I would vote for it,” Tillis said. “It’s one of the largest tax increases – single tax increases – ever implemented in the history of the UNITED STATES at a time when our economy is still staggering.” […]

Even though Tillis and Haugh want the law repealed, Tillis doesn’t want it demolished, saying there are parts of the law he likes.

“I believe that dependent children under the age of 26 should be allowed to be on their parents’ health care plan,” he said. “I believe that pre-existing conditions, it probably makes sense to do it in a way that people can immediately get health care coverage and potentially avoid catastrophic loss from chronic conditions.”[…]

Repealed — but NOT “demolished” ????  

On the pre-existing conditions matter — isn’t that kind of like demanding homeowner insurance coverage AFTER your house burns down? 

8 thoughts on “#ncsen: Thom Tillis “likes” “parts” of ObamaCare

  1. When he called it a “good idea” that we just “can’t pay for”…. yeah, that’s kinda what he meant 🙂

    The man just doesnt have any “limited, smaller government” or “individual liberty” principles in him. *shrug*

    His fundamental views on the appropriate role and scope of government appear to be the same big-government, self-serving nonsense we get from Hagan and Obama. Not eally an alternative. 🙁

  2. What a weasel! This dude is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. That pre-existing condition coverage is sorta like allowing homeowners to wait until a hurricane is on their doorstep to buy flood insurance. Flood insurance is a federal program, and we know they do not allow such nonsense. Of course, if a dumbkopf like Tillis got to the Senate, he would probably think that is a great idea, too.

    For those who have been responsible over the years and kept their health insurance up, they are now getting screwed by much higher premiums for those slackards who did not keep their insurance up and then got sick. Why should the former have to pay more for the latter? That is just not fair.

    Oh, do I wish I had someone who I could vote for who represented common sense and principle who also had a chance to win. No such luck in this Senate race. Thanks a whole heck of a lot, Karl Rove!!!

  3. Most Americans Like a lot of the Affordable Care Act. The GOP ran a Presidential candidate in 2012 who liked parts of the ACA. If you ask most Americans about the founding components of the ACA they support it. When Americans are asked if they like ObamaCare is when you hear hateful reactions. President Obama had the ACA very much a part of both of his elections to President so the American public were in favor of this sort of plan.
    Could it have been implemented better? Yes. Can it be worked on and corrected where needed? Yes if the GOP would just stop griping and get to work for the American people who do not want to go back to the previous status quo.

    1. Horsehockey. Every poll since Obamacare was announced has shown the American people opposed to it, and since it has passed every poll has shown the American people want it repealed. The numbers against it have in fact grown the more exposure the American people have had to this train wreck that Obama lied through his teeth about.

      The liberal media suckered Republicans into nominating a poorly positioned candidate to oppose Obama in 2012. If we had had a nominee who could have credibly run against Obamacare in 2012, he would have defeated Obama. Instead we had Romney, tainted by Romneycare, who did not even try to use what should have been our most powerful issue. We have a similarly poorly positioned candidate for US Senate in NC in 2014, but that is largely due to Karl Rove and the NRSC.

      1. You might want some sugar with those sour grapes.
        If the GOP and some Democrats were not obstructing the advancement of improvements to the ACA Americans would have more to like. As to the elections, don’t complain about Karl Rove if you defend the Citizens United ruling of the Supreme Court. The latter allowed the former to mess with NC and the same problem affects the other side as we..

  4. Arguments over Obamacare are all academic now ever since Republican Chief Justice John Roberts declared it to be the law of the land. Roberts sold us out, just like the DC GOP Establishment does every day. He is one of them.

    1. Chief Justice John Roberts is being blackmailed on every decision because he adopted his two children illegally!
      The children, adopted about twelve years ago, were illegally adopted from Ireland and under the table to boot.
      Barry Soetoro knows this and has threatened to expose Roberts which could cause the Justice to lose his law license & Judgeship!
      If Roberts steps down, Soetoro will be able to impose another left wing radical to the court and control to the communists!
      Quite a dilemma for Roberts and the Right!

      1. How were those children adopted illegally? And what makes you think that President Obama has made a threat to the Chief Justice?

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