#ncsen: Thom Tillis “likes” “parts” of ObamaCare

waitWe’re getting hit with all kinds of ads blasting Kay Hagan for her support of ObamaCare.  Hagan = ObamaCare, the signs and ads scream at us.  But GOP nominee Thom Tillis is presenting problems for his partisans by being all over the map on the issue.

He went along with the NCGA effort  — albeit kicking and screaming — to block Medicaid expansion, a key component of ObamaCare.  After escaping the GOP primary, Tillis has moved left to meet up with Charlotte-area ally Pat McCrory on expanding Medicaid. 

Now, Speaker Thom tells WRAL that ObamaCare is not completely bad: 

“I think, if a vote came to the Senate floor to repeal ‘Obamacare,’ I would vote for it,” Tillis said. “It’s one of the largest tax increases – single tax increases – ever implemented in the history of the UNITED STATES at a time when our economy is still staggering.” […]

Even though Tillis and Haugh want the law repealed, Tillis doesn’t want it demolished, saying there are parts of the law he likes.

“I believe that dependent children under the age of 26 should be allowed to be on their parents’ health care plan,” he said. “I believe that pre-existing conditions, it probably makes sense to do it in a way that people can immediately get health care coverage and potentially avoid catastrophic loss from chronic conditions.”[…]

Repealed — but NOT “demolished” ????  

On the pre-existing conditions matter — isn’t that kind of like demanding homeowner insurance coverage AFTER your house burns down?