#NCSEN: But – But – But BURR DID IT TOO!

blameThe GOP establishment is trying hard to sell Thom Tillis as a Tea Party-compatible conservative.  But our senior US senator — Sir Richard of Forsythe — is throwing a monkey wrench into things.

On Friday, October 10, a transplanted Yankee federal judge in The People’s Republic of Asheville rewrote the laws of nature — declaring a third gender, and demanding said third gender be allowed to marry just like the other two genders.  See?  The establishment GOP types said. THIS is why you need Thom Tillis in the Senate.  K-HAG has been helping to get these kooky judges approved.

blinkWell, some lefties — specifically Tom Mills and Blinkin’ Chris (on NC Spin this weekend) — have been quick to remind us that Richard Burr (R) was singing that specific judge’s praises and helped Kay escort him through the confirmation process on the way to a 96-0 approval vote in the full Senate.   Tom and Blinkin’ Chris think they are scoring points in defending their beloved Sock Puppet.  But they are actually helping to make a bigger point about RINO-ism. 

THIS is exactly what Tea Partiers are talking about.  You try to make a case for your party and distinguish them from the opposition. Ther-RICHARD-BURR-DADT-large570n, elected folks within YOUR party aid and abet the opposition in achieving their mischievous goals.

You could try to hit Hagan on gays in the military.  But, no, Burr voted for that, too.  You could hit Hagan on running up the federal debt and for funding ObamaCare.  But, sadly, Richard did that, too.

Anyone who has seen any success in sales and marketing will tell you that the secret to winning over customers is convincing them that you and your products / services / people are much more beneficial than, and a distinct improvement over, your competitor.  Why would someone abandon what they already have and know if they can’t see a noticeable difference between IT and what you are offering?


16 thoughts on “#NCSEN: But – But – But BURR DID IT TOO!

    1. Tricky Dick Burr is a disgrace to North Carolina and to the Republican Party. He needs to go. This situation with this radical Obama judge he actively supported says it all. If this quisling dares run again, he needs to be eviscerated with that issue.

  1. It has been rumored for quite a while that Burr does not plan to run again in 2016. However, I hope that he does because that will cut down the field in the Primaries.

    Think about it. If Burr runs again, the party won’t put up any opposition candidates and the better conservative challengers will have a chance. It’s unlikely we’ll see a field of 9 candidates like we just did in the Open Primary.

    I want Burr gone. But, Open Primaries tend to give us the Rhino establishment candidates like we just got in Tillis.

    It would be more exciting and energetic if Burr is challenged in the primary.

    1. An open primary is where voters other than Republican can vote. That helped the establishment steal Mississippi and win South Carolina. Our primary is semi-open, allowing unaffiliateds but not Democrats to vote in the GOP primary. The grassroots tried to change this a few years ago to a closed primary, but Skip Stam and Thom Tillis led the opposition to that and it failed.

      We do need a campaign to restore the closed primary to North Carolina.

      1. You misunderstood my comment. By Open Primary, I meant a primary where there is no incumbent. This last Republican Primary was open with a large field. I am advocating Burr running for re-election so that the field of candidates will be smaller.

  2. One of the judges has a Burr sticker on his truck. I won’t mention any names, but he’s the one who wears a bow tie frequently. I suggested he rid the truck of the sticker. (Don’t think I made too many points there.) But it makes me question the particular judge and where he stands on the issues that are important.

  3. Burr retire? What are you talking about? The man is extremely popular here in North Carolina among the young and old, the left and the right. He is a good looking man and he drives a Thing! How more real can the man be? And he played football for Wake Forest!

    If he chooses not to run it will because he will be Condoleezza Rice’s running mate.

    One thing I do know, a Republican will never take him out. He is no Jesse Helms but then again Jesse would never be elected in this day and age. Look around you. North Carolina has changed.

    The Richard Burrs are the future of North Carolina!

    1. The perspective of a liberal Hagan supporter on Richard Burr are, umm, enlightening. When it comes to Big Government politicians, D or R, I guess what they say about birds of a feather rings true.

  4. Bob Etheridge sold himself as a moderate for years but when the public was educated on how far left he was he was ousted.

    We need to educate the public on how unconservative Burr is and put a common sense conservative who sticks to Constitutional issues on the ballot.

    But that probably will not happen because to many conservatives forget and get on their soap box that turns off a large segment of voters.

    First we have to educate conservatives concerning the Constitution and insist if they want to win they have to stick to issues addressed in our constitution. Leave the rest to individual choice.

    1. The party activists are getting the word about Tricky Dick Burr and his unreliability. Three Congressional district GOP organizations have passed measures either censuring or rebuking Burr for acting non-conservative, two by unanimous votes of their district executive committees, and one by overwhelming vote of its district convention. And those were before this debacle with the radical judge. That should absolutely kill him with the Christian right. The Tea Party and longtime conservative activists in the party already have him figured out.

  5. Remember this?
    In an October 2010 debate with Democratic opponent N.C. Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, Burr said, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has worked. Now personally I don’t see a reason to reverse it. But that’s a personal opinion.”
    An opinion that evidently changed, because on Saturday afternoon, December 18, 2010 Sen. Richard Burr voted to end the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military. He joined seven other GOP Senators: Scott Brown (Mass.); Susan Collins (Maine); John Ensign (Nev.); Mark Kirk (Ill.) Lisa Murkowski (Alaska); Olympia Snowe (Maine); and George Voinovich (Ohio). The repeal passed the Senate 65-31

  6. We haven’t even gotten Tillis elected yet and here y’all are talking about Senator Burr. Let’s get Tillis settled in office first before we worry about Senator Burr. I doubt very seriously that Senator Burr will have any trouble getting reelected if he so chooses.

      1. Nah, just a guy living in the real world. You know the place, earth. Although the black helicopters have been circling my place all morning.

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